July 30, 2021

President Rubio is Not Going to Happen. Vice President Rubio Can and Should.

President Rubio is Not Going to Happen. Vice President Rubio Can and Should.

The results of last night’s elections make clear two things. First, Donald Trump can be stopped by winning primaries and caucuses. Ted Cruz won more delegates than Trump yesterday, beating Trump in two surprises: Kansas and Maine. Both states saw their governors oppose Cruz. Kansas’s governor went with Rubio and Maine’s with Trump.

Second, it is not possible for Marco Rubio to stop Donald Trump. Rubio is struggling to keep his second place standing in Florida and that is not guaranteed. He has one only one state and that was predictable and uncontested by the other candidates. Cruz is around 70 delegates behind Donald Trump while Rubio, after last night, trails by more than 250.

President Rubio is not going to happen.

Marco Rubio’s temptation may be now to walk away. But Marco Rubio does not need to walk away. Ted Cruz and the nation need Marco Rubio.

John Kasich has shown every ambition to be Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential pick. Kasich has blocked punches against Trump, held his own fire, and even praised Trump at a time everyone else is fighting him.

Cruz needs Rubio in an alliance. Like Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush uniting the GOP in 1980, a Cruz-Rubio alliance would unite the GOP now. Cruz supporters who dislike Rubio would begrudgingly embrace Rubio. Rubio supporters who disdain Cruz would begrudgingly support Cruz because of Marco Rubio.

Together they keep the wings of the Republican Party from splitting. Together, Rubio can throw the personal punches at Trump that have so thrown Trump off his game and Cruz can throw the policy punches that show how shallow Trump really is.

Together Cruz and Rubio can win and go to the White House as President of the United States and Vice President of the United States.

Divided, there is no stopping Donald Trump. The delegate count last night showed that. Rubio served no role other than to keep Cruz from advancing further.

It is time for Marco Rubio to join with Ted Cruz and save the country from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Together they can do it.