September 20, 2021

Presidential Elections 2016: Here’s The Latest Delegate Count

2016Four separate states held contests Tuesday in the Republican and Democrat primaries. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Ted Cruz97%, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton all got wins.

Despite wins by their opponents, Clinton and Trump remain the frontrunners by essentially the same lead as before. It was a disappointing night for Sen. Marco Rubio79%— he gained no delegates.

Democratic Party:

1. Hillary Clinton: 570 delegates (98 gained), plus an additional 461 superdelegates

2. Bernie Sanders: 546 (69 gained), plus an additional 25 superdelegates

The nominee must win 2,383 delegates.

Republican Party:

1. Donald Trump: 458 delegates (74 gained)

2. Ted Cruz: 359 delegates (59 gained)

3. Marco Rubio: 151 delegates (0 gained)

4. John Kasich: 54 (17 gained)

The nominee must win 1,237 delegates.

Source: The Daily Caller