September 20, 2021

Refugees Bombard Border Police With Rocks… Then Realize They Made a MASSIVE Mistake

Refugees Bombard Border Police With Rocks… Then Realize They Made a MASSIVE MistakeA mob of angry refugees who tried to break down a border gate in Macedonia learned they had made a massive mistake Monday when police resorted to using tear gas to break up the demonstration.

When the mob of refugees bombarded the gate, threatening police with rocks, they almost were able to tear the border gate down. They threw the stones at police and chanted, “Open the border.”

However, the police were not going to sit idly by, according to reports. The Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) confirmed via Twitter that the police used tear gas to ward off the mob.

Now MSF has been treating those who were injured during the incident, including several children, according to The U.K. Guardian.

BREAKING: The #FYROM authorities have just used tear gas on the protesting #people waiting to cross the border which includes many children.

— MSF Sea (@MSF_Sea) February 29, 2016

This comes after a rumor broke that the Macedonia-Greece border was opening. The rumor spread throughout a refugee camp, which caused a huge mob to gather outside the gate at the border of Macedonia.

Macedonia is on the northern border of Greece. The refugee camp lies between the border of Macedonia and Greece and acts as the main transit point for refugees traveling to and from Greece into Western Europe.

According to Greek officials, currently there are more than 8,000 refugees who live in the Idomeni border camp, making the living situations grossly overcrowded. The quality of life continues to deteriorate and now refugees are waiting hours in line for basic necessities like food and the use of a toilet.

All of these conditions created an atmosphere for anger to well up within the group and pushed them to bombard the gate without just cause. The tear gas was necessary to keep the group at bay.

They thought they were going to be able to use rage and violence to get what they wanted. They were very wrong.

Greece fears that it could become a parking lot for refugees given the influx of those seeking asylum and the tight restrictions that Greece’s northern neighbors have imposed. But the country is showing it will not bow down to anger and intimidation.

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Source:  Conservative Review