September 18, 2021

Right After Super Tuesday, Glenn Beck Reveals His Presidential Dream Team- ‘It’s Unstoppable…’

Right After Super Tuesday, Glenn Beck Reveals His Presidential Dream Team- ‘It’s Unstoppable…’The day after Glenn Beck watched his favorite 2016 candidate pick up three more states in the Republican primary race, he acknowledged front-runner Donald Trump remains poised to clench the nomination unless something changes. In one segment of his radio program on Wednesday, Beck revealed a presidential ticket he said would be “unstoppable” against Trump, whom he sees as a menace.

With Beck’s pick, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at the top and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as his running mate, the host predicted his combination could take down Trump in the Florida Primary later this month.

“How is that not a win for absolutely everyone?” he asked. “And that team would be unstoppable. Tweet that. Facebook that. Get that out. Demand that that’s where we go.”

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He went on to explain why he thinks Cruz and Rubio, currently running second and third behind Trump, would create a coalition that would defeat the front-runner.

“You get all the constitutionally and the very conservative,” he said. “Then you say Marco Rubio, you get all of his people.”

Beck warned the decision and announcement must be made before March 15 race in Florida, though, otherwise “all those delegates go to Donald Trump.”

Making the case for his “dream team” even stronger, he picked a few more key appointments that might bring even more Republicans on board.

“Then you say also Rand Paul as treasury secretary, you get all of the people, who is audit the Fed. Audit the Fed, which Ted Cruz agrees with but Rand Paul brings that credibility,” he advised.

“Everyone wins: Cruz is president. Rubio, vice president. Mike Lee as our Supreme Court justice. Rand Paul as treasury secretary. And Ben Carson as the new Florida senator. Everyone wins, and we’ll stomp in November.”

Source: Western Journalism