December 8, 2021

Source Reveals Hillary’s “Devastating Witness” … Just Revealed BOMBSHELL To FBI

Source Reveals Hillary’s “Devastating Witness” … Just Revealed BOMBSHELL To FBIThe Clinton email scandal just intensified, and this time former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes may be dashed for good.

According to an intelligence source close to the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, former Clinton information technology specialist Bryan Pagliano has been a “devastating witness” who has revealed shocking new details related to the scandal.

The anonymous source said Pagliano has revealed to FBI investigators exactly who was allowed access to Clinton’s personal system and what electronic devices they used to access it.

“Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to (Clinton’s) computer and devices at specific times,” the source told Fox News. “His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized.”

The source also said that Pagliano’s information has been enabling the FBI to piece together data and emails with other types of evidence, including photos of Clinton as she traveled while secretary of state.

They can now cross-reference evidence to find any gaps that exist in the trail of emails.

“Don’t forget all those photos of her using various devices and it is easy to track the whereabouts of her phone,” the source stated. “It is still boils down to a paper case. Did you email at this time from your home or elsewhere using this device? And here is a picture of you and your aides holding the devices.”

According to the source, Pagliano also had information about how Clinton’s private server was installed and maintained in her home. Clinton’s insistence on the creation and control of the server has been a topic of intense scrutiny throughout the investigation.

Pagliano has struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department in exchange for critical information about Clinton and her use of the personal email system.

Criminal charges have yet to be filed against Clinton.

In a case that has often infuriated and baffled Americans, Hillary Clinton has managed to skate mysteriously past any kind of punishment thus far for violating national security with her use of a private email server.

Her and Bill’s track record of scandals and lies is appalling, and it’s shocking that anyone would consider her a viable candidate for the highest office in America.

One can only hope that the Pagliano testimony and evidence is enough to finally put the Clintons where they belong: in the annals of history as one of most smooth, yet corrupt political families to ever grace the American political and cultural landscape.

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