September 17, 2021

Watch: New footage from Trump attack shows how SERIOUS it was…

32239DC800000578-0-image-a-50_1457833239051Yesterday was a heckuva day for Donald Trump on the campaign trail. After being forced to cancel his Friday Chicago rally, protesters attempted to disrupt a Kansas City rally on Saturday as well, calling Trump supporters “f***ing racists. And then to top it all off, he got absolutely trounced in the Wyoming and Washington D.C. caucuses — as he might say, a TREMENDOUS loss.

But no doubt his scariest moment came when a man jumped a barricade at a Dayton, Ohio rally and attempted to attack Trump. New video footage of the attack shows how very close this man was able to come to carrying out whatever his intentions were.

Per The Blaze, In the extended video, a man is seen jumping a barrier and passing several security guards. Ultimately, he was stopped only feet away from Trump.

As Secret Service agents rushed the platform to surround the GOP front-runner, the man was swiftly removed from the event site.

Of course we now know the man was a professional progressive protester who’s first claim to fame was trampling the American flag. A real class act.

If Trump ends up winning the GOP nomination, I fear we will see many more of these kinds of actions.

Source: Allen B West