May 29, 2023

A 60 Minutes Crew Met Muslim Refugees. Things Went REALLY Wrong. Here’s The Tape

refugees-sweden-2Approximately three weeks ago in Sweden, a film crew from 60 Minutes Australia decided to commingle with Muslim refugees in hopes of narrating a sympathetic story about their plight. However, things didn’t go quite as planned. After chatting a bit with a few Muslim migrants, reality finally stepped in. “The crew was filming in the predominantly immigrant district of Rinkeby in the capital city of Stockholm,” reports Mediaite. “Immediately upon arriving they were confronted by a group of men in a car, who deliberately drove into the cameraman.”

Then things got much worse. After a short period of relative calm, the six policeman assigned to the crew abruptly left. Minutes later, the crew was viciously attacked by a group of masked Muslim men in broad daylight. “One of the men begins by throwing a large rock at the cameraman. The same man then kicks and throws a punch at the boom operator,” details Mediaite. “A second man tries to rip a still photographer’s camera out of his hands.”

Here is the full 60 Minutes report:

The immigrant district is known for its rowdy behavior and violence. Before the incident, one police officer even told lead correspondent Liz Hayes, “I think it would be better if you go in without us.” Suffice to say, local authorities didn’t do much to help the film crew. Whether this inaction was a result of negligence or sheer cowardice is unclear.

Incidents like these are becoming commonplace in Europe. After Leftist officials at the European Union opened the floodgates of the continent to refugees, Muslim crimes against women, reporters, and those that celebrate Western values have spiked. Perhaps the most gruesome display of Muslim violence occurred on New Year’s Eve when dozens of Muslim refugees organized a mass sex attack against the women of Cologne, raping and beating passers-by on the streets of the city amidst celebrations. Under the banner of “multiculturalism,” Europe is headed toward its own suicide.

Source: The Daily Wire