July 27, 2021

ALERT: Paper Exposes Secret Plan to Fly 250,000 Refugees From Muslim Nation Every Year

ALERT: Paper Exposes Secret Plan to Fly 250,000 Refugees From Muslim Nation Every Year

A report in a German paper indicated that a little-understood plan devised between the European Union and Turkey would end in Europe taking in a quarter of a million refugees direct from Turkey per year.

The “understanding” was revealed when Gerald Knaus of the European Stability Initiative spoke to Welt am Sonntag (via Breitbart) about the secret plan.

The Turkish side expects the Europeans to begin taking about 250,000 Syrians a year in a few weeks,” Knaus said.

According to Breitbart, the deal hasn’t been put down on paper. Rather, the two sides agreed to a general number, meaning the number of refugees flown into Europe from Turkey could be even higher.

The deal was supposed to distribute the migrants “fairly” throughout the European Union. However, many of the nations within the group have expressed hostility to the plan, with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán declaring “war against Brussels” for its mismanagement of the refugee situation.

Orban said that if the distribution of migrants happened the way it was supposed to, “it would be determined not in Hungary but in Brussels who we have to live together with, and how the ethnic composition of the country will look in future.”

Knaus also said that the 250,000 number was in addition to the number that were already flowing across the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece. He expected that to stop before the plan took effect, although the plan has begun and the influx across the sea showed no signs of stopping.

EU-Turkey deal begins as Syrian refugees arrive in Germany https://t.co/TAtctz7EHV

— The Guardian (@guardian) April 4, 2016

Knaus also said that expecting all member states to distribute the refugees “fairly” was “running before you can walk” and “incomprehensible,” given the resistance from some states. It’s true: This plan likely means that countries like Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom will see the most.

So, because of this plan, we can expect to see more scenes like this, from Cologne on New Year’s Eve:

And the people of the EU have no say in it at all. Is this what could be coming to America next? President Barack Obama certainly hopes so.

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