July 30, 2021

Bernie and Hillary are both right. Neither is qualified to be President.

Bernie and Hillary are both right. Neither is qualified to be President.It’s rare that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can unite Republicans in universal agreement. Usually, we point out the flaws in their beliefs, ridicule their terrible policies, and do our best to expose their incoherence.  Not today.  Today, we applaud their clarity.

First, Hillary accused Bernie of campaigning on issues he doesn’t understand and making promises he can’t keep. She was pressed on whether Bernie is qualified.  She didn’t specifically say that she thought Sanders was unqualified, but she also refused to say that he was. Instead, she argued that the core issue of his entire campaign is based on a fallacy and that he doesn’t understand how to get anything done.  If you translate the dodgy Clinton-speak, that basically means “no, he’s not qualified.”

Bernie is an elderly socialist who has no understanding of economics, constitutionality, or what it would take to implement his loopy platform.  He’s a pie-in-sky dreamer who would gut the military and seems to view the worst socialist hell-holes as being something to which we should aspire. He’s completely unqualified to be President.

Similarly, Hillary is a crooked throwback. She’s a Machiavellian closet socialist who’s proven herself to be ineffectual and incompetent – when she’s not being downright criminal. She cares for nothing more than power and lucre and has shown a giddy willingness to destroy anyone who gets in her way. She’s completely unqualified to be President.

So, Bernie and Hillary are both right. Now, who says they can’t bring people together?

Bernie, it seems, was none too pleased with Hillary’s response. He fired back by launching into a laundry list of failings that all make Hillary a terrible choice for the oval office. Basically, he argues that Hillary has disqualified herself by being a fiscal hypocrite who did everything she could to sell the American people on the blood-for-oil monstrosity known as the Iraq war:

As mentioned above, this is one of those rare moments where no one is wrong.

Source: Canada Free Press