September 24, 2021

Cruz Wins Six Delegates In First Days Of GOP Colorado Conventions

3285930400000578-3508242-image-a-38_1458849404341Six delegates from two separate GOP conventions in Colorado all went for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz97% Saturday.

The first and sixth Congressional Districts of Colorado,which the Texas senator swept, will each send three delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland .

The Colorado GOP decided to forfeit its role in the early nominating process after the 2012 election and not conduct a party preference poll, but instead  host precinct caucus meetings in the beginning of 2016 to start the process of choosing delegates for the RNC convention, The Denver Post reported.

According to Fox 31 Denver, the delegates selected from the first CD are Scott Gessler, Justin Everett, and Tony Sanchez. Over 90 individuals ran for the delegate slots and each one gave 30 second speeches at the Church for all Nations in Littleton.

“It is a pretty good reflection of where we are in Colorado,” Sanchez told FOX31 Denver.

More GOP delegates in Colorado will be elected at other Republican Congressional Conventions in the coming days.

On April 7, three more delegates will be elected from the seventh CD. On April 8, 12 delegates will be elected for the convention from second, third, fourth, and fifth CDs. The last three delegates are the state party’s chairman, national committeeman, and national committeewoman.

April 9 is the final day where 13 delegates are elected at the State GOP Convention in Colorado Springs. Cruz is expected to be there and according to Fox 31, Trump is currently unconfirmed, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich is not attending.

Source: The Daily Caller