September 25, 2021

Does Barack Obama Actually Plan on Leaving The White House Next January?

Does Barack Obama Actually Plan on Leaving The White House Next January?In yet another indication Mr. Obama has no intention of leaving the White House, he sent Secretary of State John F. Kerry to sign the United Nations Climate Change agreement to keep global temperatures from rising less than two degrees by 2020 AD. We say this because the agreement only has meaning as long as he is in office, thus he thinks that will be a long time.

Climate Change people do not admit the documented decline in world temperature from 1940 to 1980 was caused by the increase in CO2 from the preparations for and destruction of Europe and Japan by US bombers’ resulting fires. They have to know it is a well-documented fact.

Atmospheric heating is controlled by a physical equilibrium system for the two molecules that absorb infrared energy, IR, from sunlight. Only one each of the principle and trace gases in air capture heat from sunlight. Principle gas water vapor, and trace gas CO2 are the only two catching IR energy. All the rest are transparent to it and gain no heat from sunlight.

The problem for the “Global Warming, Climate Change” people is that CO2 is a poor absorber of IR energy compared to water vapor, by one to seven, and where the atmosphere is an equilibrium system for water vapor and water, the addition of CO2 drives out water vapor, precipitating it to liquid where it cannot warm air. World War II proved this as we generated more CO2 than at any time in the history of man and temperatures declined.

In spite of these facts, President Obama pledged in March to cut U.S. CO2 emissions by 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. Where it is certain any Republican President will rescind that order the day he is inaugurated, Mr. Obama intends to be there as our “Eternal President” to “Save the world!” That will be his justification for trashing the Constitution.

While we would expect environmentalists to be thrilled with Mr. Obama’s actions, they seem to be picking up on his insincerity as they are not praising this agreement where it is not a binding treaty. He has to be in office to maintain it! They feel he failed them, as they do not realize his intent.

“Paris isn’t the end of the story, but a conclusion of a particular chapter,” the climate change group “” said in a statement. “Now, it’s up to us to strengthen these promises, make sure they are kept, and then accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and toward 100% renewable energy.”

The National Resources Defense Council issued a petition Thursday calling on the “Big Five” world powers: the United States, China, India, European Union and Brazil “…to keep your climate promise,” apparently feeling it is a political sham. We say it is just a tool to give us America’s first Eternal President, Barack Hussein Obama, the man who is so flexible he can be a Muslim on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, a Christian on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and Jewish on Saturday if you study what he says.

Critics of the Paris Agreement declare it will cause “energy poverty” and economic ruin to the world’s economy with its restrictions and have no real impact on the temperature. Were it not for the fact the sun has recently peaked and is going into a minor decline as its’ nuclear chemistry changes, Mr. Obama may actually be doing the right thing, as more CO2 will cool the atmosphere by driving water vapor out. Water vapor does 99.9% of all atmospheric heating. There must be a special place in the mind of God for idiots. He makes them politicians.

Meanwhile, back in Congress, partisans are rattling their pens. Rep. Lamar Smith, Republican of TX, Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee said, “The Paris climate agreement is a bad deal for America. The President’s promise is an unworkable political gesture. This Administration has put ideology ahead of what’s best for hardworking American families.” Lamar did not think on this long enough.

The simple fact that “sustainable energy” from the sun and wind are costing 20 times that for fossil fuels is going down hard with the people. The simple economics of these systems, their unreliability, low output and short life of their components are no longer deniable as enough time and experience have been accumulated to show they are not viable while ugly.

Mr. Obama’s promises for implementing the agreement, “will raise electric bills, ration energy and slow economic growth,” according to Rep. Smith. In a recently released video, the Energy and Environmental Legal Institute cited “greenhouse gas” actions in Europe as resulting in much higher energy bills, forcing poor citizens to have to choose between “heat or food.”

“In Germany, electricity has become a luxury good,” say the German magazines Der Spiegel, Die Welt and Focus. “800,000 homes are unable to pay their electric bills. It’s now called “the second rent.” There are many calls on the Senate to defeat the Paris Agreement, although the White House has said it is Congress proof because it is not a treaty. If that is the case, it has no authority, and Mr. Obama is lying to the UN. It appears to be an “If you like your power, you can keep your power. Period,” thing. We have to be amused with Mr. Obama; he is consistently stupid or lying.

The agreement calls for participating nations to gather every five years to “set more ambitious targets as required by science,” issue progress reports and provide international support and money to developing countries. It sounds rather like a Soviet “Five Year Plan” by Josef Stalin, one of Barack Hussein Obama’s heroes.

Source: Constitution