July 31, 2021

How to Scrub Hillary from the Presidential Picture

How to Scrub Hillary from the Presidential Picture

It’s not going to be the proverbial long, hot summer, but a downright sizzling one where rationale keeps getting singed.

People will be figuratively pulling at each other’s hair all summer long in trying to force their non-figurative opinions on family, friends and neighbours, friends of both the real and Facebook kind.

There’s been a debilitating polarization in America ever since Barack Hussein Obama came strutting into the White House after the ‘Haves’ threw in with the ‘Have-Nots’ to bring an unvetted,  malcontent street activist into power.  Obama polarization began its first year in office when he blamed Cambridge, Massachusetts police for having “acted stupidly” in arresting prominent black professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and went on until deliberately stoked racial discord became anti-cop Black Lives Matter.

In politics people are constantly reminded to “look at the big picture”.  But identifying and climbing into the ‘little picture’ may be the only way out of what is going on in present day America.

Outside forces keep trying to desecrate the ‘little picture’ space of the easy-to-set-upon masses.

Outside forces include a pay-for-play media, both mainstream and new media bought up by billionaires; the United Nations, where the only citizenry that exists is of the global nature type, and whose main health agency sends out at least two dire warnings a year about diseases capable of wiping out mankind, and career politicians whose main communication with the masses is the convenient and impersonal ‘Tweet’.

The Big Picture being bypassed by the mainstream media:  Plans, almost eight years in the making by the power-obsessed Democrat Party, main intent of which is to shore up the installation of Hillary Clinton as America’s 45th president.

Political reality is never pretty or easy to live with.

The party tapped Socialist Bernie Sanders to make it appear as if Clinton has real competition in being sanctioned as the Democrat standard bearer to run ever widening circles against whatever the RNC eventually coughs up.

They get by with lots of help from their friends:

No less than Pope Francis legitimized Sanders’ candidacy with a 5-minute Vatican glad-hand the weekend before the New York caucus.  To wit: anyone who saw this as a political move, “should see a psychiatrist”.

Shiny objects keep being thrown out like red meat to tigers among the sparring Cruz and Trump camps by the trickster mainstream media.  Agitprop has rarely been as lively when exaggerations, gossip and outright lies go viral on the Internet as truth.  So and so keeps five mistresses on the side, the other guy made generous donations to the Dem party, picks on Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell; campaign managers are thrown under investigation for having allegedly roughly touched a reporter, and on and on.

Conspicuously missing from the see no evil, hear no evil Big Picture scenario: Have we learned anything from the eight-year-long abuse of all things American under President Barack Obama?

People in droves are claiming battle fatigue on the presidential primaries.

Are they tired, too, of blaming Obama for the steady decline of their own country?

When it comes to the Obama regime, are both Republican frontrunners (no one rational could consider John Kasich a frontrunner) in the same category as Hillary Clinton in not openly criticizing a two-time elected president whose main mission in life on earth is hating America?

Bring it on, guys, America is waiting.

Some Big Picture digging for quiet-time contemplation:

Did the Democrats go beyond the Bernie Sanders plant to send an agent provocateur deep into an unknowing Republican camp?

We need to know because knowing will mean everything to the voter when the outcome of the Republican convention finally becomes clear.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think that something stinks in the 2016 presidential election primary race and that tracing the stink back to its source is essential if there is any opportunity to make America great again.

Are we really down to another politician or a fast-talking business man, or just business as usual with Hillary Clinton as President?

Source: Canada Free Press