July 29, 2021

Marco Rubio: The Only Conservative Presidential Candidate Left Is Ted Cruz

GettyImages-515430730-640x480Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)78% is voicing support for his former presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%, calling him the only conservative left in the 2016 Republican primary. But Rubio stopped short of an official endorsement.

“I hope that they’ll nominate a conservative,” Rubio said in an interview with Mark Levin on Levin TV. “The only one that fits that criteria is Ted Cruz.”

Rubio indicated that he thinks Cruz is the last hope for the conservative movement in the 2016 presidential race, especially within the Republican party. He added that although he didn’t know Donald Trump well personally, he didn’t think he was conservative.

“I don’t consider Donald Trump to be a conservative, certainly in his policy views,” Rubio said.

He added that Kasich was a “nice enough man” but didn’t describe him as a conservative either.

“Clearly Ted Cruz holds the most conservative positions on these issues,” Rubio said.

Looking back, Rubio admitted that his campaign against Cruz was competitive, but that he still considered him a friend.

“Ted is a friend, I’ve always liked him and continued to like him as a person. I can say that about virtually every other candidate in the race,’ he said.

But Rubio didn’t appear to join Levin by refusing to support Donald Trump.

“Everyone else in the race, I thought, would be better than Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Source: breitbart