September 26, 2021

SHOCKER: Bill Clinton says he’ll vote for Bernie if…

clintonsandersHillary doesn’t seem to be doing well with anyone. Over 90 percent of Democrats who value honestly choose Sanders, as do the majority of Democrat millennials.

Her unpopularity only increases the longer she’s in the public eye. Among all Americans, she has roughly a negative 14 point net favorable rating.

We learned this long ago, but Hillary’s unpopularity stretches into the bedroom. As the Daily Caller reports: she may not even be getting a vote from her husband.

Several Democratic superdelegates have pledged to support Hillary Clinton even if she loses the primary, yet that group doesn’t include her husband.

Former President Bill Clinton — an unbound New York delegate — told the New York Daily News Thursday that he would support Bernie Sanders if he manages to win the Democratic nomination.

And by the way: he’s done it before.

“It happened last time,” Clinton stated. “Last time I did what my candidate asked, I voted for Barack Obama” at the convention.

Currently, Hillary leads Sanders by 701 delegates, and the majority of her lead comes from the 469 superdelegates who have pledged to support the former secretary of state.

Clinton still needs to earn 671 more delegates to earn the nomination before the convention.

Normally it’s a huge embarrassment if a candidate can’t win their home state. Now we have one who can’t win her own spouse!