September 25, 2021

Barack Obama and Bathrooms in the United States

TPNN-Obama-transgenderDoes the federal government have the right to decide what bathrooms citizens can use? If you are like the majority of Americans, you probably say no, of course not. Unfortunately, President Obama doesn’t agree with you. According to his new policy, you need to adapt to his liberal agenda, whether you like it or not.

Barack Obama not only thinks that men and women (regardless of location, age or sexual orientation) should share bathrooms and showers in public places. The President also believes it’s his right to impose such a practice. In order to achieve his objective, the Department of Justice just filed suit against North Carolina for challenging the administration’s liberal policies.

In fact, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, recently stated in a press conference that the decision of North Carolina’s Governor is “discriminatory”. Lynch even misquoted the founding fathers in order to defend president Obama’s position. According to Loretta Lynch, the idea of using bathrooms on the basis of biological sex violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Attorney General also said that sharing bathrooms with men, women and transgender people is an act of “dignity and respect” for all human beings.

Loretta Lynch’s comments clearly expose the radical policies of Barack Obama and the federal government’s intrusion into sexual, private matters. Furthermore, the Attorney General threatened to cut federal education funds allocated to North Carolina because of its resistance to the policy.


It is important to mention that the government’s proposed law has yet to be passed by Congress. The law, called H.R. 3185 – Equality Act, is a radical measure of the Obama administration. In fact, H.R. 3185 changes the definition of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in order to accommodate Obama’s objectives. The Government intends to put the law in practice in public places such as schools, shopping centers, gas stations, gyms, funeral homes, beauty salons, banks, etc. H.R. 3185 also authorizes the Department of Justice to initiate legal action against those who violate the law.

The Obama administration has been strongly criticized for trying to impose its homosexual and transsexual agenda using the powers of the federal government. According to Obama, the position of North Carolina is “incompatible with equality and justice”. However, many would contest North Carolina’s stance is one based off of respect and privacy.

It would seem that to the President, discrimination, justice and equality are only applicable when it comes to imposing his liberal agenda. Obama ignores the rights of citizens to use bathrooms and showers according to each one’s sex. He also turns a blind eye to multiple reports of sexual abuse and unnecessary risks imposed on minors under such circumstances.

In the minds of liberals like Obama, if a man feels he is a woman, dresses as a woman, or decided to change sex, he has the right to use women’s bathrooms and showers. Otherwise, society is unjust and discriminatory.

Is “The Bathroom Law” (as it is known as in the United States) discriminatory for families that value privacy and for those who identify with their biological sex? Is the law unfair for those most vulnerable to sexual abuse such as adolescents and children? Apparently, for Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch these concerns are unjustified. The reason is simple; the Department of Justice has decided to promote the President’s agenda, without considering legitimate concerns and risks for every woman who enters a public bathroom.


Lets be clear, Barack Obama is the first President in the country’s history to desire to redefine the use of bathrooms in the United States through regulations imposed by the federal Government.

The Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, was correct when he said that the threat of the Administration to suspend federal education funds due to bathroom regulations is the “sickest example of how far the President is willing to go to transform this nation.”

The decision of Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch represents an abuse of power without precedent in the history of the nation. President Obama’s law opens the door to abuse and sexual harassment across the country, especially in regards to female adolescents and children.

The Justice Department’s threats are not justified and have no legal basis. The threatening position of the Obama administration reveals its attempt to criminalize and punish Americans for defending their right to privacy and their right to protect their families.

Furthermore, the administration recently issued new guidelines through the Departments of Education and Justice regarding how Americans should use bathrooms. According to the President, public schools should allow transgenders to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity, even if the records indicate a different sex. Anyone or any school that does not comply with the administration’s demands is committing an act of discrimination, according to Obama.

The intentions of President Obama and his plan to redefine the use of bathrooms in the country exposes 2 things: 1) How low the current Administration has gone, and 2) Extreme liberal policies have no limits.