September 17, 2021

Bernie Sanders STUNS Fox News With Debate Announcement… Hillary Dead SILENT

hillary_vs_bernie_odds-610x400Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders isn’t ready to call it quits, and and his campaign tentatively accepted an invitation to a debate with presumptive Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton hosted by Fox News, provided they reach a mutual agreement on debate details.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, confirmed both campaigns had been invited to debate.

“We have told the network that we would accept the invitation with the understanding that we can reach mutual agreement on the debate moderators, the format and other details,” he said.

Clinton’s campaign had yet to announce whether she’d attend such a debate, but earlier in the year both campaigns agreed to participate in a May debate, according to Fox News.

It’s amazing that Clinton hasn’t been able to shake Sanders this late in the race, and his willingness to fight until the bitter end demonstrates a vigor we haven’t seen in Clinton … ever.

It’s not surprising, however, that Clinton remained silent on this matter. Debates are not exactly her strong point. In fact, Clinton suffers some kind of negative reaction just about every time she speaks in front of people, whether she’s engaging in a debate or simply unopposed at a town hall event.

That’s partially because she comes across as artificial and stiff when speaking. Many people walk away with a sense of apprehension after attending one of her events.

At a debate held in New Hampshire earlier this year, for example, Clinton was booed by audience members for accusing Sanders of engaging in smear tactics during the primary.

It’s no surprise Clinton is in no hurry to debate Sanders, but this point in the game, she should be ready to wrangle with Sanders on the issues and be confident enough that she can take him out. However, her modus operandi has generally been to be more passive aggressive than anything.

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