September 20, 2021

BREAKING: Massive Poll Reveals Shocking Fact About Transgenders

Bathroom-sign-jpg_8473659_ver1.0_640_360Our dearest insincere apologies to President Barack Obama and his army of transgender bathroom warriors, but according to the latest poll, a plurality of Americans believe that boys, girls, men and women should be required to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological gender.

“Nearly half — 46 percent — said transgender people should be required to use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender, while 41 percent said they should be able to use the restroom bearing the gender with which they identify,” Politico reported on the new CBS News/New York Times poll.

Similarly, a 57 percent majority of Americans expressed opposition to Obama’s federal transgender bathroom guidelines for public schools, arguing that such things should be left up to the individual states, while only a meager 35 percent minority expressed support.

Sorry, Obama, but I guess most Americans believe that Big Brother should keeps his nose out of their state’s business.


Not surprisingly, the results of the poll fell along ideological lines. A notable 65 percent of Republicans reported being against transgender bathrooms, while an equally large 60 percent of Democrats said the opposite.

Talk about one very divided nation. But it is not that a plurality or majority of Americans hate transgender people or want to infringe on their alleged rights. It is rather that they feel many of these issues should be dealt with on the local level.

If one state wants to allow transgender bathrooms, so be it. Likewise, if another state wants to outlaw it, then let it.

The Founding Fathers placed a lot of importance on states’ rights to prevent the federal government from enacting the sort of tyranny over the people that Great Britain had.

In other words, they wanted to ensure the people were protected from the iron fist of a dictator in chief like Barack Hussein Obama.