September 18, 2021

Carson Calls Out Obama DOJ Over Trans Bathroom Issue: ‘Bunch Of Crap’

ben-carson4-e1448772512588Ben Carson did not shy away from expressing exactly what he thinks about Attorney General Loretta Lynch comparing North Carolina’s “bathroom law” to segregation laws found in the Jim Crow south.

“This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress to our nation,” Lynch said on Monday in announcing the Justice Department was filing a discrimination suit against the state of North Carolina and its Republican governor Pat McCrory, who is up for re-election in the fall. “We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation,” the attorney general added.

“That’s what they always say,” Carson told Fox News on Monday. “Everything is like Jim Crow. Everything is like racism and segregation and slavery. What a bunch of crap [emphasis added]. You know, they want to do that so that they can always gain the sympathy, but thinking people know better.”(See video below, starting at min. 3:20).

“[W]e need to go back to recognizing data and science. You know, we know what men are, and we know what women are, and we’ve known that for thousands of years,” the former renowned neuro-surgeon said. “[I]f there are some people who are confused about it, we can make some accommodations for them, but it doesn’t have to involve everybody.”

Asked by Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto what Trump’s view is concerning the transgender bathroom issue, Carson responded, “What he has said is that this is a civil issue that should be handled at the state level.”

As reported by Western Journalism, the state of North Carolina filed suit against the Obama administration on Monday following threats to pull billions of dollars in federal education funding in response to the state’s recently passed transgender “bathroom law.”

Gov. McCrory’s suit contends that the Justice Department is making “an attempt to unilaterally rewrite long-established federal civil rights laws in a manner that is wholly inconsistent with the intent of Congress and disregards decades of statutory interpretation by the courts.”

He also explained that the Justice Department is hanging its entire argument on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibiting discrimination based on one’s “sex,” but that term has not been associated with sexual identity, but one’s actual gender.

McCrory described the Obama administration’s actions towards North Carolina as “the federal government being a bully” and “making law.”