September 18, 2021


a-Carlos Beruff-001_0The state of Florida is facing an extremely important election to fill the U S senate seat that is being vacated by Marco Rubio. Thankfully there are some good conservative candidates like Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Congressman Ron DeSantis, and Businessman Carlos Beruff. I have been fortunate to meet all three of these gentlemen and  feel confident that each can do a good job in Washington. However I found Carlos Beruff to be a very interesting candidate. He has never held political office but has a good grasp of how government works or in some cases, doesn’t work, by being on several governmental boards. He was instrumental in eliminating financial waste in those agencies and making them also more accountable to the people. – Calvin Johnson, Jacksonville Farmer.

Carlos Beruff, is the newest candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida.  He jumped into the Senate race because as he mentioned “…they’re all career politicians. All they do is talk for a living. Never done anything.”  “I have lived the American Dream, and the only reason I am running for the United States Senate is people have lost what it is to be a public servant,” he said, adding that America needs to be restored after the Obama presidency. “What I’ve seen for the last seven and a half years is a total destruction of the values I grew up with under this administration. And it’s been done on purpose.”

Carlos said that President Obama is a terrible negotiator who negotiated with Iran like he was playing poker with his cards face up.  He added that recent reports show that Obama negotiated much sooner than previously reported, “While telling the public that negotiations began after Iran elected a ‘moderate’ leader, today’s report shows that the negotiations started much sooner. It’s clear that President Obama went into negotiations with one goal: to get a deal that would solidify his foreign policy legacy with the liberal elites, even at the expense of the long-term safety of the American people.”

As noted in his website, Carlos Beruff is a husband, father and successful home builder a proud representation of the American Dream.  Members of his family risked their lives trying to bring freedom to Cuba during Batista’s regime. After escaping to America, his family briefly returned to Cuba, but returned to America once his mother realized what Fidel Castro’s oppressive rule would look like. Carlos started his first business at age 22.  In 2008, Carlos was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the State College of Florida. During his time on the Board, he eliminated teacher tenure, ensuring faculty could be held accountable and students would receive the best education possible.  Carlos was also the leader of the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority Board and the Southwest Florida Water Management District where he reduced the tax burden on Floridians.

As a businessman for over thirty years he knows how the policies in Washington can effect the economy, culture, and the well being of the people.  On a personal note I found Mr. Beruff to be approachable, humble, knowledgeable, sincere and patriotic.  It might be wise to give Mr. Beruff  a good look, when choosing who to vote for in the upcoming Senate race – Calvin Johnson.  

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