September 25, 2021

Liberal Writer: Hillary ‘Is A Useless Candidate’

“Democrats say stuff that is of high BS quality all the time,” host Chris Matthews said of Trump’s campaign promises. “But they don’t tell people they’re going to be better off.”

“They don’t demonize whole sections of the population,” added Sullivan. “They don’t discriminate on the basis of people’s religion. They don’t claim they’re actually going to round up 11 million human beings.”

“[Trump] does them both,” he continued, “like every reality television asshole, which is what he is — that’s the character he plays.”

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Earlier in the panel discussion, Sullivan had noted that Trump’s “actual proposals are mere negotiating positions,” prompting the following response from Matthews.

“What’s Hillary’s position on immigration?”

“I don’t know. She’s a useless candidate,” Sullivan responded. “I don’t know what she’s supposed to say.”

Source: The Daily Caller