May 29, 2023

Media slam Trump EgyptAir response, but look what they said about Obama…

Trump-and-ObamaBy now, the lamestream media’s liberal bias is a given. And yet, there are moments when it still smacks you in the face with its ridiculous hypocrisy.

This is one of those moments.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump dared to tweet about the likelihood that terrorism might be behind last night’s crash of EgyptAir.

The media wasted no time in jumping all over Trump for it.

Via CNN:

Donald Trump blamed terrorism for the EgyptAir Flight 804 crash in a tweet posted early Thursday morning, even though authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash.

“Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!” the presumptive GOP nominee tweeted at about 6:30 a.m. ET.

It was approximately two hours after Trump’s tweet was posted that the Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy said they were not ruling out any possibilities yet. 

The cause behind the disappearance of EgyptAir 804 is more likely to be terrorism than a technical issue, Egypt’s Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy said at a Cairo press conference Thursday.

As we shared earlier, multiple experts are now saying it was “almost certainly” a terror attack that brought down the plane.

“I don’t want to go to speculation. I don’t want to go to assumptions like others. But if you analyze this situation properly, the possibility of having a different action aboard, of having a terror attack, is higher than having a technical problem,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Trump has referred to something as terrorism before officials determine the cause. 

Before the San Bernardino shootings were classified as an act of terror, Trump said that he thought it was terrorism, according to ABC News.

“Take a look. I mean, you look at the names, you look at what happened. You tell me,” Trump said. 

Meanwhile, PoliticsUSA said Trump’s tweet is evidence he’s “not fit to be president.” Gosh, one tweet is reason for a guy not to be president, while a secretary of state can knowingly endanger our nation’s classified information, let four Americans die in a terror attack and lie about it, and… and … and …

Whether you appreciate Donald Trump’s style or not, he’s often the first one in the room to call a spade a spade — cut to the chase and say what others are hesitant to.

Sure, you could argue a president or presidential candidate should be more measured and careful before pointing to a particular cause before more is known — and I (Michelle Jesse) would — but maybe CNN and its media brethren want to tell that to President Obama. The media doesn’t seem to fault him one bit for immediately blaming guns for the San Bernardino terror attack.

Or for blaming “workplace violence” for a terror attack.

Or, back to those four dead Americans, a video for a terror attack.

Whether or not you support Trump — and I say that knowing we have large numbers of readers in both camps — it’s not hard to see how, after nearly eight years of Obama, so many Americans crave a leader who will not only not bend over backward to deny Islamic terror, but who will make it a priority to fight it with everything we’ve got.

Source: Allen West