September 23, 2021

Muslim who beheaded toddler WON’T be punished because…

Video--Muslim-babysitter-decapitates-4-year-old-childBack in February I reported on a grim story out of Moscow, whereas a nanny paraded the streets with the severed head of a toddler. Naturally, she chanted “Allah Akbar” during the ordeal (but of course)

Among her other chants included “I am a terrorist” – a statement I’m sure our leaders in the West would remind us has noooothing to do with Islam. Well, Western leaders haven’t commented on the story, but the Russian courts system appears to have made the same indictment they would’ve made anyway. As the Daily Mail reports:

The nanny who decapitated a girl, four, and paraded her severed head in the streets of Moscow will never face trial, say sources close to the criminal investigation.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 38, claimed she was inspired to kill the helpless child in a copycat of gruesome jihadist beheadings which she watched online.

So there we have it – she even went as far as to list Islam as her motive. But even that didn’t convince the idiots in Russia’s courts.

Earlier, the burka-clad babysitter had claimed that she killed the child on February 29 in revenge for Putin’s aerial bombardment of Muslims in Syria. She claimed she ordered by Allah to cut off the girl’s head.

Now the native Uzbek and mother of three – who is the subject of a murder charge – will be ruled ‘insane’, a source with knowledge of the situation told Interfax news agency.

Experts of the Serbsky State Scientific Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry have found that the nanny is not fully responsible for her actions, and committed the crime in a bout of insanity.

As such, Bobokulova ‘is not liable for criminal prosecution and the investigation will have to specify the necessity of administering compulsory measures of a medical nature to her in the indictment’, reported Interfax.

In other words, she is likely to be committed to a psychiatric hospital.

And you know – this woman is insane… in the same way that the members of ISIS are insane. It doesn’t excuse their actions.

The only thing I can think of more insane than this woman is this story.