September 20, 2021


TPPFree trade can only work when it is with FREE NATIONS on a level playing field, in others words, same environmental regulations, same work safety standards, similar taxes, similar wages and reciprocal import and export policies between the trading nations. Currently our trade with China, Mexico, Japan, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. is very one-sided against the US. They have little to no environmental regulations and use very cheap to quasi slave labor.

But most important is the fact that China is a COMMUNIST dictatorship. Communism is the enemy of freedom, democracy and Christianity, therefore China is our enemy. China has become a world military, economic and political power mainly because we have made her so by transferring our manufacturing and technology to our greatest enemy. Then we continue to buy almost everything from our enemy making them wealthier while there are no jobs for Americans because our factories have closed and moved abroad.

The GLOBAL ECONOMY and FREE TRADE are empty and stupid words. We should trade with the enemy only when it is to our great advantage, not theirs.

The definition of TREASON is aiding and abetting the enemy, making the enemy stronger while we become weaker and poorer. This has happened mainly because our own government, Congress and the President, Democrats and Republicans alike have passed laws to raise our taxes, increase regulations and intentionally destroy our once vibrant economy. Our own government is the enemy within. The transnational corporations, our elected officials and government bureaucrats who are bought and paid for by these corporations are guilty and are getting richer while average Americans are getting poorer because there are few jobs and it is very difficult to run a business, and even more so to start a new one.