January 18, 2022


U.S. Embassy Attacks Middle East

U.S. Embassy Attacks Middle East

So as we followed politics, what else happened in the world?

  1. John Kerry signed onto the UN Paris Climate  Agreement – without congressional approval.  This will ELIMINATE America’s sovereignty as decisions will be made by the UN.
  1. The UN chooses the refugees and vets them – States are saying NO but Obama could care less as his agencies pay contractors like religious charities to house these people. This will ELIMINATE America’s ability to choose its new citizens.
  1. The EPA has successfully closed the coal industry for no reason than, they can.  According to EPA chief, Gina MCarthy, “the new regulations will have no measurable affect on either pollution or global warming.’  When asked why institute them-  the answer was, – “it is for political gain and a show of force from the federal government.” This will ELIMINATE free market jobs and a cheap source of energy.
  1. Continuation of Common Core.  The stats are in and everything we have been saying is true.  More money, rigorous standards, new books, more tests = more BS.  The reading score are flat and the math scores dropped by 2 and is now 37%.  This will ELIMINATE and hope for innovation, creation and a bright future.
  1. The lying unemployment numbers are in. 20% of the American families get government assistance.  49% of Americans get Food Stamps, yet we are told unemployment is 4.9%.  this ELIMINATES any trust in government stats.
  1. Students are arrested for displaying flags, signs, bibles that are contrary to popular liberal terms.  This ELIMINATES freedom of speech.
  1. BLM and Hillary Clinton, FL Gov Rick Scott many other governors and legislators give(sell)American land and resources to foreign companies and countries. This ELIMINATES America’s wealth and resources reserved for the American people.
  1. The Administration ignored the law and let criminal illegal aliens out of jail.  This ELIMINATES safety for Americans.

     9.  Continuing Mass MigrationELIMINATES the sovereignty, Christian values and Western Free Market.

Excerpt from Karen Schoen newsletter 4/30/16