September 26, 2021

The immigration crisis in the U.S. is only getting worse

illegals-crossing-US_borderThe Department of Homeland Security recently reported that during the month of February, 26,078 undocumented illegals were arrested for crossing the US border. In March, this number increased to 33,335. The same report found that from October 2015 (the beginning of the new fiscal year), 32,117 families and 27,754 minors were detained at the border. These figures represent an increase of 131% of families detained and 78% increase in the detainment of minors when compared to the previuos year.

Furthermore, the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported that from February 15th to March 21st 2016, immigration authorities arrested 239 aliens belonging to different gangs nationwide. Among the arrested were people from Central America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Most were members of transnational gang groups and were involved in different criminal activities such us drug trafficking, murder, sex trafficking and organized crime.

The same office, in conjunction with the Mexican Federal Police, recently discovered a cross-border narcotunnel between the United States and Mexico. The tunnel connected the city of Calexico, California with the city of Mexicali in the northeast of Mexico. This is not the first time immigration authorities discovered hidden tunnels between the two countries. In April of 2015, authorities discovered a tunnel with sophisticated technological resources, including lighting and ventilation.


The truth is, immigration troubles facing the country are not limited to just undocumented people crossing the border or the construction of hidden tunnels.

Recently, federal authorities reported that 21 people were arrested after being involved in the creation of fraudulent immigration documents. According to authorities, these people operated companies in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Virginia. These criminals were able to bring in more than 1,000 foreigners using fraudulently obtained student visas. The foreigners ended up working illegally in several states, earning up to $75,000 a year.

Illegal immigration in the United States has become a lucrative business for others also. In recent days, the Department of Justice reported that a woman from Guatemala, Rosa Astrid Umansor Lopez, was found guilty for illegally sneaking in immigrants from India. The Guatemalan had operated her business from January 2011 to February of 2014. According to authorities, Umansor Lopez had a network of conspirators that recruited illegals to be transported into the United States by cars, planes and boats. Many of the illegals entered the country across the Mexican border.

Despite frequent reports of crimes, increases in arrests of illegal immigrants, the construction of tunnels between Mexico and the United States and the discovery of clandestine operations that promote illegal immigration, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to ignore the immigration crisis. Their stance stands in strong opposition to Donald Trump’s and Ted Cruz’ positions.

In regards to these problems in the United States, the populist rhetoric of the Democrats (and some Republicans) is well known. For them, the solution is to ignore the existing immigration laws in order to obtain political rewards. Obviously, for some politicians the most important issues are elections, without considering the safety of citizens or the harmful consequences that illegal immigration has brought to the country for decades.

I close with a question: Do you ever hear President Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders acknowledge these facts?