September 20, 2021


They said it couldn’t / wouldn’t be done — but Donald did it.  He’s only 41 votes short of the magic number 1237 needed to clinch the nomination.

On June 7th he should be able to garner 100 votes in CA, 50 in NJ, and a dozen or so more in MT, NM or SD.

Now it’s on to the battle with the Dems (Hillary — if she runs)  or Bernie or Biden.

With Trump slowly pulling ahead of Clinton in the polls,and Hillary facing a possible FBI indictment over her mismanagement of her e-mails,  the Dems may bring in a pinch hitter — Bernie or Biden.

Unlike Hillary, Trump does not have any political record to check out. Hillary does — and it is a record of zero real accomplishments either as New York’s senator or as Secretary of State. However, she does have a long record in other areas.  Go to YouTube and enter “Hillary Clinton, Career Criminal.”  Or go online to and enter the term “The Clinton Body Count.”  While you’re on that same page, you may also want to click on “The Obama Body Count.”  Both items are very interesting — especially for younger folks under 30 years of age or so who may have missed all the juicy tidbits that happened in the lives of three of history’s more infamous political personalities (HRC, WJC and BHO).

God bless America — and Donald Trump.  It’s time to eliminate the Establishment Elites of both political parties and clean up D.C. — the District of Corruption. Go, Donald !  And be sure to build that Wall to shut out drugs, ISIS infiltrators and illegal aliens. It is time for America to start winning.