September 26, 2021

Why The Latest State Department Report About Clinton’s Emails Is Bad News For Her Legal Team

clinton-e1454956975511-770x330The U.S. State Department Inspector General released a report on Wednesday that for the first time confirmed that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people and voters about her email scandal.

For over a year, Hillary Clinton has stated that she “did nothing wrong” by setting up and using her own private email server and that everything she did was “permitted.” Clinton still offers this defense of having done nothing wrong in a section of her campaign website dedicated to the email scandal.

However, the report released today revealed that Mrs. Clinton violated every aspect of the State Department Policy that was designed to ensure employees do not violate the Federal Records Act, one of the laws that Clinton has been accused of violating in addition to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

Clinton was found to have violated departmental policy by setting up and using her own personal account and server. She never sought permission to do so and if she had, she would have been denied. She was told she could not have a special blackberry like President Obama uses and refused to use a standalone computer. She had to be forced to stop using her unsecure device in classified areas after being warned of the risks she posed to national security. She was also warned by several staffers that she was in violation of the policy according to emails cited by the report.

The rules don’t apply to Hillary Clinton as far as she is concerned and then she has continuously lied to the American public after being caught doing so.

If it can be proven that Mrs. Clinton set up her server intentionally to avoid having her emails be made part of the public record or that the gross negligence she engaged in contributed to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information then Mrs. Clinton could face federal criminal charges.

This report does not speak to her intent, but that is exactly what the FBI is currently investigating and is the reason why several of her closest aides have been forced to testify in federal court. In fact, several judges, including one appointed by her husband, have questioned Hillary’s intentions for setting up the server and could order her to appear in federal court as part of ongoing freedom of information law suits filed over her email scandal.

In her defense, Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will point out that the State Department report also says that there has been a systemic problem at the State Department when it comes to the improper use of personal email, but it specifically singled out Mrs. Clinton for being the worst violator.

She is also the only one accused of having committed federal crimes by doing so, as the Intelligence Community Inspector General found that Mrs. Clinton sent and received over 2,000 classified emails during her tenure as Secretary. That’s a fact that Mrs. Clinton likes to push aside by saying the emails weren’t marked classified – like you need your grocery receipt to say Stop N Shop at the top to know it’s a grocery bill.

Clinton’s campaign quickly latched onto the fact that the report cited other people as having engaged in similar but less serious behavior in the past as an excuse for Mrs. Clinton’s actions. Her campaign spokesperson, Brian Fallon, tweeted that “IG report makes clear her personal email was not unique at State Dept.”

This is the same logic that a 5-year-old uses when they get caught doing something wrong: “Well, he did it too!” It is pathetic to see a presidential candidate using that logic to defend what is obviously illegal behavior after spending a year lying about having done so at all. The American people deserve better than that and someone who does so should not sit in the oval office. The Clintons can never seem to learn that the cover up is always worse than the crime.

You got caught, Hillary. Time to face the music and admit to your actions. Stop lying!

Source: Independent Journal Review