September 24, 2021



Islamic State Threatens Terror Attacks in U.S., EuropeThis letter was received from a concerned citizen in the Jacksonville area; however, this letter should be sent to every  city or town in America. The lack of information, the lack of transparency, the lack of common sense and the over abundance of political correctness is really keeping the American people in the dark concerning the Islamic terrorist invasion of our Christian nation.  The danger is too great to be ignored. Freedom loving Americans should all demand an answer to these questions from our elected city, state and federal officials.  We encourage everyone to distribute or forward this letter to everyone they know. Your children will thank you. We thank you too.

Dear Mayor Curry and Sheriff Williams,

As everyone knows Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton are intent on increasing the number of Syrian “refugees” in the USA by thousands upon thousands. As a law abiding, tax paying and well informed citizen of Jacksonville, I have some questions for you both.

  1. Do you know how many Syrian “refugees” are here in Jacksonville now, and how many more are expected to arrive?
  2. Do you know where they live, where they are?
  3. Do you know how many are Moslem vs. Christians?
  4. Do you know how many are young men vs. women, children and old men?
  5. Do you know how much money it will cost the tax payers of our County to pay for their health care, education, housing, food, job training and any other social benefits? I know Federal Aid, which is also paid by taxpayers, is only temporary and then local communities pick up the tab.
  6. Do you know how they were vetted, who vetted them?
  7. Do you trust the vetting process? Even the FBI is not comfortable with the process.
  8. Can you personally guarantee that not a single one of them is a radical Islamic terrorist like the one that killed 49 citizens in Orlando? 

If you do not know or do not have a good answer for the above questions or simply say “it is a Federal issue beyond my authority”, let me remind you that you are not the Mayor and Sheriff of Damascus, Syria, but of the city that I live in. You both took an oath to serve and protect the people of Jacksonville, not Syria or any other Moslem country. Let me remind you it was people like me who got you both elected and pay city taxes.


I trust you give this issue the same if not more attention and importance than you have given to Eureka Gardens. All of my many friends and I trust you have a plan to keep us SAFE. Should there ever be a radical Islamic terrorist attack in Jacksonville due to ignorance, lack of common sense or political correctness, the blood will be on your hands.   



A concerned, and well informed and connected Citizen