July 30, 2021

Bernie Supporters Brutally Beat Each Other, Suddenly Realize They’re All Bernie Supporters [VIDEO]

-2Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters were recently caught on camera beating each other up, mistaking each as Donald Trump supporters.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube Friday, rowdy protesters are seen getting more violent with each other, thinking the others were Trump supporters. Towards the end of the one-minute video, the crowd begins to chant “Bernie! Bernie!”



The fight broke out during the protest of the Trump rally at San Jose Thursday. The protesters attacked Trump supporters in other instances, pelting them with eggs, burning “Make America Great Again” hats and American flags.

San Jose police widely condemned the violence perpetrated by the protesters at a press conference Friday.

“I’m disgusted by the violent attacks yesterday that have no place in our society or our political process,” Paul Kelly, president of the San Jose Police Officers’ Assn. said. The chief of police admitted there were not enough officers to cover the event, stating there were over 450 protesters in attendance and only 200 officers trying to keep the peace.

“At some point, Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, a clinton supporter, said. He later stated that he blamed Trump for holding rallies that people protest.

Source: The Daily Caller