July 30, 2021

Donald Trump Regains Command of Narrative In Wake of Blistering Hillary Clinton Speech

Donald Trump Regains Command of Narrative In Wake of Blistering Hillary Clinton SpeechDonald Trump’s Wednesday morning speech blasting Hillary Clinton’s failed policies and poor judgement rocked conservatives and liberals alike. As NPR News put it, “Trump gave the speech Republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear” – and liberals feared.

Speaking from SoHo in New York City, the presumptive GOP nominee rebuked Clinton’s “I’m with her” slogan, saying instead, “I’m with you, the American people.”

His fiery speech comes just days after the firing of controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and a few rocky weeks of self-inflicted wounds as reflected in slumping poll numbers. Trump’s campaign has been aiming for a reboot, with the hope of uniting the Republican party – and, it looks like they may have just gotten one.

Below is a list of coverage from both the left and right praising the presumptive GOP nominee’s speech.

Fortune: “Donald Trump Promised Us A Speech On Hillary Clinton’s Past, And On Wednesday, He Didn’t Disappoint.” (Chris Matthews, “Trump Accuses Clinton Of Helping China In Return For Cash,” Fortune, 6/22/16)

Fox News: “Donald Trump Delivered A Blistering Attack Wednesday On Hillary Clinton’s Record…” “Donald Trump delivered a blistering attack Wednesday on Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state, accusing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of milking oppressive regimes of tens of millions of dollars to benefit the Clinton Foundation — while sleeping through her own ‘3 a.m. phone call’ as terrorists were murdering four Americans in Libya, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.” (“Trump Hammers Clinton Foreign Policy Record, Foundation Donations,” Fox News, 6/22/16)

ABC News: Trump “Blasted Hillary Clinton…”“Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump today blasted Hillary Clinton as a ‘world-class liar,’ saying she ‘may be the most corrupt person ever’ to run for president.” (John Santucci, Candace Smith, Paola Chavez And Veronica Stracqualursi, “Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton As A ‘World-Class Liar’,” ABC News, 6/22/16)

Slate Headline: “Trump’s Speech About Hillary Was Terrifyingly Effective” (Michelle Goldberg, Slate, 6/22/16)

NPR News Headline: “Trump Just Gave The Speech Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear” (Mara Liasson, NPR News, 6/22/16)

CNN: “Trump: Clinton Is a ‘World-Class Liar’” “[He] seemed to fuse his volatile, off-the-cuff political style with a more traditional brand of political discourse that puts reasoned arguments before voters as they make their choice for President.” (Jeremy Diamond and Stephen Collinson, CNN, 6/22/16)

Bloomberg: “A Sharply Critical Speech…” “Donald Trump tied presidential rival Hillary Clinton to the ‘rigged economy,’ the rise of the Islamic State and government corruption in a sharply critical speech on Wednesday in Manhattan.” (Kevin Cirilli, “Donald Trump Outlines His Case Against Hillary Clinton,” Bloomberg, 6/22/16)

Los Angeles Times Headline: “Donald Trump Delivers Broadside Against Hillary Clinton: ‘She Gets Rich Making You Poor’” (Los Angeles Times, 6/22/16)

ABC News’ Tom Llamas:

Trump gets standing ovation after contrasting HRC slogan “I’m with her” w/ his belief “I’m with u, the American people” pic.twitter.com/t7d48tn3aa

— Tom Llamas (@TomLlamasABC) June 22, 2016

Fox News Headline: “Trump Hammers Clinton Foreign Policy Record, Foundation Donations” (Fox News, 6/22/16)

The New York Times: Trump “Delivered A Scathing Attack On Hillary Clinton’s Record…” “Donald J. Trump delivered a scathing attack on Hillary Clinton’s record on Wednesday, accusing her of being a ‘world-class liar’ and incompetent while trying to lay out a positive vision for America in a major speech intended to put his sputtering presidential campaign back on the offensive.” (Alan Rappeport, “Donald Trump Returns Fire, Calling Hillary Clinton A ‘World-Class Liar’,” The New York Times, 6/22/16)

CBS News: “Donald Trump Delivered A Blistering Rebuke Of Hillary Clinton…” “Donald Trump delivered a blistering rebuke of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, attacking her actions as President Obama’s secretary of state and what she did as a U.S. senator and first lady.” (Rebecca Shabad, “Donald Trump Assails ‘Incompetent’ Hillary Clinton In Fiery Speech,”CBS News, 6/22/16)

NBC News’ Katy Tur:

Trump hits Clinton slogan “I’m with her” — His? “I’m with you.” Its core of his message: He’s repping the voters, she’s repping Washington

— Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) June 22, 2016

Time: Trump’s “Attacks Were As Barbed As Ever.” “In a speech at the Trump Soho in New York, the presumptive Republican nominee attacked Clinton’s record on foreign policy and trade, arguing that her decisions were made on self-interest and unduly influenced by foreign governments. … But while his delivery was more restrained, his attacks were as barbed as ever.” (Tessa Berenson, “Donald Trump Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Corruption As Secretary Of State,” Time, 6/22/16)

Mother Jones Headline: “Trump Just Gave His Sharpest Anti-Clinton Speech Yet” (Max J. Rosenthal, Mother Jones, 6/22/16)

USA Today: “Donald Trump Pulled Few Punches… In His Long-Planned Speech Blasting Hillary Clinton…”“Donald Trump pulled few punches — not that he’s known for doing so — in his long-planned speech blasting Hillary Clinton on everything from Iraq to Benghazi to, well, everything.” (Cooper Allen, “5 Most Explosive Attacks Trump Leveled Against Clinton,” USA Today, 6/22/16)

The Week Headline: “Donald Trump Tears Into Hillary Clinton During Attack Speech” (The Week, 6/22/16)

Reuters: “Donald Trump staged a harsh attack on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton …” “[arguing] that the former secretary of state is part of a political establishment that has cheated American workers through bad trade deals and endangered U.S. national security.” (Emily Flitter, “Seeking to Regain Ground, Trump Accuses Clinton of Corruption,” Reuters, 6/22/16)

Source: Breitbart News