September 26, 2021

BLOOD DONORS NEEDED URGENTLY: Help the Victims of the Pulse Orlando Nightclub Shooting

0,,19324358_303,00The gunman who opened fire at a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning left about 50 people dead and dozens more injured, flooding hospitals with those who were hurt. Federal and local authorities continue to investigate the attack at the Pulse Orlando club.  A state emergency has been declared.

Here’s how you can help the victims:

Donate Blood

The OneBlood center put out a call for blood donations for the Orlando victims on Sunday.

“There is an urgent need for O Negative, O Positive and AB Plasma blood donors following a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida,” OneBlood said in a news release, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “Dozens of people have been injured and taken to area hospitals. The need for blood continues.”

Officials urged those who want to donate to go to local blood banks, not to hospitals.

Donate Money

A fund is being set up to support the victims, the Miami Herald reports. We’ll update with more information when it becomes available.