September 25, 2021

NavyJack – “Danger Will Robinson!”: Riots Likely in Baltimore

image003Now that Summer has arrived, will REVOLUTION also arrive ?  The REAL Communist Party is set to kick off the revolution in cooperation with the Black Lives Matter movement. Their objective is to destabilize the government (local and U.S.) and TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY. (They may even be aided by Obama’s friends  — ISIS agents who infiltrated the refugee stream.) – JJ

The Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom.US) is ramping up for another round of riots in Baltimore. The kickoff for these activities will be 10AM EST on Thursday June 23, 2016. This organization is well funded, protected by the current administration in Washington, DC and was a significant contributor to the events leading up to the Baltimore riots in April of 2015.

2015 Baltimore Riot

This upcoming event, coupled with their plans for unrest in Cleveland at the upcoming Republican National Convention may indicate that they are ready to start their revolution to attempt the overthrow the government of the United States of America. As documented in my previous article (see, RevCom.US is closely affiliated wth the Black Lives Matter movement and receives funding from a number of sources, including the infamous Mr. George Soros.

The previous Baltimore Riot was extremely widespread and the actual damage inflicted on businesses and residential housing was dramatically under-reported by the media. As illustrated in the map below, the activities totally overwhelmed the Baltimore Police Department. The vehicle fires and roadblocks established by the protesters resulted in significant delays by Fire/EMS personnel. The Maryland National Guard was unable to deploy fast enough to stem the destruction. It is also important to note that there were very few arrests associated with these riots and most of those arrested were never brought to trial. This effort to appease the Black Lives Matter organization certainly will embolden their followers in any future protest or riot.

2015 Baltimore Riot-Yellow=Arson, Red=Looting, Green=Assault/EMS, Gray=Police Dispatch, Blue=Police Line

The Following is the Headline from a Press Release Issued on June 19, 2016 on the RevCom.US Website:

Download PDF of this statement for printing and wide distribution

Baltimore police MURDERED Freddie Gray.

Yet the courts are letting the killer cops walk free one by one. This is totally unacceptable. When the verdict is announced—show your outrage, take to the streets, starting at the courthouse.


Baltimore City Courthouse, Yesterday (6/20/2016)

While the exact timing for the start of their final push has not been announced, the following press release was issued on May 16, 2016:


This announcement coupled with the significant build-up of RevCom.US activities related to the Republican National Convention, indicate their intent to leverage the anti-Trump factions to start their “actual revolution”. Over 100,00 protestors are expected to decend on Cleveland during the week of 18-21 July, 2016.

To learn more about the protest preparations for both the Republican and Democratic Conventions, please see

I suggest that Oath Keepers maintain a close watch on these activities and be prepared to provide life-saving assistance in the affected areas.

Update – The Peoples Power Assemblies has announced they will be joining with RevCom.US for the Baltimore protest this Thursday. The Peoples Power Assemblies is responsible for the #ShutDown the Republican & Democratic National Conventions movements in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Flyer for Upcoming Protests in Cleveland & Philadelphia

The Peoples Power Assemblies are a Marxist/Leninist revolutionary socialist party that believes the working class and the oppressed are agents of change. With global unity and solidarity of people’s movements against imperialism, capitalist exploitation, racism and all forms of oppression, a new world can be created: a socialist order.

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CRITICAL NOTE FROM STEWART RHODES: Oath Keepers is indeed keeping a close eye on these events (which is one of the reasons I invited “Navy Jack” to write for us), and we are doing all we can to prepare to provide life saving assistance, if needed, within the limits of our capabilities as an org, wherever Americans are in danger from these violent thugs. Many hands make light work, and what is needed is for all patriots, regardless of what group or organization they are a member of, and especially all well trained military and police veterans, to step up and get ready to protect people from any attempts to use violence to shut down free speech and assembly. This is where the rubber meets the road, folks.

Forget about group membership and inter-group politics. Just be ready to respond and provide security and stability in your state, period. Regardless of what group you are in, or even if you are not in any established group, your state is your responsibility, your county is your responsibility, and your town is your responsibility, as an American.

You should certainly also be ready to project out and help in other states, if you can, but you need to focus first and foremost on your own state, because trouble WILL be coming to every state. The “plan” is to cause nationwide chaos and instability, to facilitate “order out of chaos.” You cannot count on being able to project out and help in another state, because you will likely have your hands full right there in your own state.

And that is why I have been harping on the need for local community preparedness for years, and why I started the Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Team (CPT) Program back in October, 2013. I could see a “perfect storm” of manufactured chaos was coming. I hate to say I told you so, but by God, I did tell you so. And I hate being right about it.

Simply reminding the current serving of their oath obligations (“Reach, Teach, and Inspire” aka “RTI”), is certainly important, but it will not provide life saving security at the local level when chaos reigns and the police and National Guard are overwhelmed. Reaching out the the current serving will not provide for the security of a free state. It will take a real militia, made up of all able-bodied citizens, to do that, as the Founders told us, right there in the text of the Second Amendment. We, as a nation, have failed to heed their warning, and we have failed to preserve that vital institution of the militia. And because of our own neglect, we don’t yet have that institution restored, despite having ample warning and instruction from Dr. Edwin Vieira, in particular, on why it is so necessary.

So. in the immediate crisis staring us right in the face, we will have to use whatever stop-gaps we can build right now, and in the coming weeks and months, in the very short term to provide for community security, as we also redouble our critical work to get that vital militia re-established.

Nor will national organizations and national callouts cut it, when the instability is nationwide. And that is again why the Founders, in their wisdom, insisted on STATE militias as being necessary for the security of a free state, and necessary to provide the common defense of this nation, against invasions, against insurrections, and to execute the laws of the Union.

And each state militia was to be made up of local town and county militia units, so that it is a bottom up security force that starts at the town level, and can provide local security even if the militia members are stuck at home. Local, local, local, is the watch word and the commandment from the Founders. So we must start local and work our way back up to a true state militia made up of all the able bodied citizenry.

As I said in my addendum to Navy Jack’s other piece on the destabilization campaign against this nation, in the immediate short term that means neighborhood watches with teeth, and it also means sorting out answers to three critical questions: who’s on your buddy team? Who’s on your fire-team (4 men)? And, who’s on your squad (8-12 men)? Think in those elemental terms, and sort out your mutual defense and your community defense at the lowest level. And do it NOW!

And as I said in my recent written response to the violence against Trump supporters in San Jose, all patriots – whether veterans or not – must be ready, willing, and able to protect themselves, and each other. And that means teamwork. But those of you who are more fit and physically capable, and those of you with extensive combat arms, police, and security training – you have a particular duty to defend those who are not as capable. The silly notion, so prevalent in the concealed carry community, that you should only think about your own defense, or at the most, be willing to defend your family, will not save this Republic. It requires a community defense ethos, which is the ethos of the warrior, the ethos of the minute-man, the ethos of the militia as established by the Founding Generation. Start working on it now. Coordinate with other switched on and capable veterans and patriots, and step into the arena in defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

If you take your oath seriously, be willing to meet the communist led arsonists and criminal assault committing thugs in the streets, in defense of the rights of free speech and assembly for all Americans, and do not count on the police being able to handle it. Sadly, recent history amply shows that even when the police are more than willing to do their duty (as opposed to the shameful standown in San Jose by their police department, obeying unconstitutional orders by traitorous politicians to NOT defend the rights of the people), they are often overwhelmed, and they simply cannot be everywhere at once. When you or someone you are protecting is attacked, it will be up to you to be the “first responder” whether that is to defend against a Jihadi terrorist active shooter, or to defend against a racist, communist thug in the street who wants to beat people to silence their free speech and disrupt their right to peaceably assemble.

And when the police are overwhelmed, it falls on us, the people, as the militia, to step up and protect life, liberty, and property for our community as a whole. The Second Amendment is not just about individual self defense. In fact, it is primarily about being armed to provide community defense, to preserve the security of a free state and a free people.

Get ready to do your duty. Got team? Got community defense? (and that includes all the skills and capabilities outlined in our CPT program – communications, medical, engineering and logistics, intelligence, as well as security). Get it done. Get ready for the storm. step up and lead the way in your community, and set the example by your actions. – Stewart Rhodes

Source: oath Keepers