September 26, 2021

Refugees Angry Over Ramadan Meals Set Fire To German Shelter

Refugees angry over Ramadan meals set fire to German shelter, police sayTwo North African asylum seekers have been charged with arson in Germany after they allegedly set fire to a shelter in the western city of Duesseldorf.

German investigators said an altercation over small Ramadan meals led to the fire that gutted the shelter for 282 refugees, mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and North Africa, the BBC reported.

Police said a late evening meal served for Muslims observing Ramadan angered a group of men not taking part in the fast.

“We’re looking at this as the motive,” an investigator said.

Staff at the shelter were reportedly spat at and pelted with shoes. The fire broke out Tuesday and eight men were subsequently arrested.

“We had to do it so that things would change,” one of the suspects told reporters, BBC reported.

Two North African men, aged 26, have been charged with arson.

The hall was destroyed at a major Duesseldorf convention center close to the city’s airport, causing $11 million in damages.

Everyone made it out of the building alive, though a number of men reportedly suffered from smoke inhalation.

Red Cross workers cited by German media said the mood at the shelter had been deteriorating. Police are said to be looking at earlier reports of attempted arson, BBC reported.

Source: The Washington Times