September 28, 2021

Trump: Sanders Is Staying In The Race Because He’s Waiting For Criminal Indictment Of Hillary

150430-berniesanders-editorialMany political analysts are scratching their heads as to why Sen. Bernie Sanders is staying in the Democratic primary race even though he cannot possibly get enough delegates to win the nomination. But presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump believes he has the answer.

Trump told attendees of his Las Vegas rally Saturday night that he believes Sanders is waiting for a criminal indictment of Clinton. He said Sanders is “as crazy as a bed bug” and called the Democratic National Convention the “FBI convention,” Real Clear Politics reports.

“I think Bernie should continue to go forward, folks, he should continue to go forward,” Trump said. “He should fight to the last end. Well, he is waiting for really the FBI to do what everybody thinks they’re going to do … I mean, I think he is sort of saying look, oh, let’s hang in there because it’s ultimately called the FBI convention, and then we’ll be the only people.”

The FBI is conducting an investigation into Clinton for possibly jeopardizing classified information through using a private email server. Clinton tried to obscure the wording by calling the DOJ investigation a “security inquiry,” but FBI Director James Comey previously made clear it is an investigation.

“Think about Bernie,” Trump said. “He doesn’t give up. This guy doesn’t give up. Right? Crazy Bernie, he doesn’t give up … He is crazy as a bed bug, but you know he doesn’t quit. He doesn’t quit. Got to hand it to him.”

Source: The Daily Caller