September 20, 2021


What You Can Do

LIBERTY2“At least we have the Internet.”  Not having access for our message on the majority of media, that’s been a mantra of conservatives.

But, there is a history of infiltration by the left to filter out Internet material they find undesirable.  Many years ago Cuban-Americans with AOL uncovered selective blocking of their emails.

Recently, Facebook and Google search issues have been found (and denied, of course).  Unexplainable DECREASES in the number of views of YouTube videos unfavorable to Hillary have been found.  (And, YouTube uses the number of views to determine which videos to pop up to create is famous “It’s gone viral!”)

Influencing Internet communications certainly fits perfectly into the left’s tool kit–from Fidel Castro’s immediate control of TV, radio and newspapers (and the Internet as it was developed) to the obvious and ongoing slant of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NPR, newspapers, etc.

An interesting aside: Conservatives do well with talk radio while liberals can’t seem to tune in to discussions of their agenda, or is it that they don’t need talk radio since they have the mass media and the Internet in their favor?

There are many ways to have an impact, from corporate policy to a low level employee in a key position.

Control of Internet content is being threatened by the federal government via the FCC, Federal Communications Commission, and the claim that the privately designed, built and maintained Internet needs to be controlled at the federal level–an expropriation or declaration of eminent domain without compensation.

How do we keep the Internet a viable tool for conservatives?

  1. Once the Facebook issue was out there, tests were done of Google Search which also made it on some of the main stream media.  There has to be a constant vigil and outcry whenever evidence is found.  Internet techs and experts concerned with fairness can come up with evaluation techniques, such as the very simple search tests of HIllary that were done on the various Internet search services that revealed problems with Google.  Google has probably already fixed that problem, although did they fix it to unbiased, or did they, or will they find a a way, to keep it biased but less detectable?
  1. Something everyone concerned can do for free:  add a tagline to every email you send:

“Is the Internet fair or controlled in favor of the liberal agenda?”

Most email systems, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., have the capability to activate what is usually called a “signature” to every email, used by most people for a closing and their name.  Professionals include their title, company name, phone number, etc.  A tagline can also be added so it will automatically appear on every email you send.  So, once you make the initial effort to set it up, it becomes an effortless reminder for everyone that the Internet is vulnerable and always in need of oversight.

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Is the Internet fair or controlled in favor of the liberal agenda?