October 1, 2022

Why Trump Will Win In November

hillary jump suitHillary Clinton had a bad week. Hey, let’s face it, she’s pretty much had a bad month, and it doesn’t look like the future bodes much better for her. The scathing report recently released by the inspector general at the State Department put her directly under a spotlight, and everyone could see clearly how she had lied and misled everyone about her private email server and her emails.

There was no mincing of words in the 83 page report, and it was clear that she had violated federal rules with her private server. Not only that, but the report clearly shows that ever since she was confronted about the emails and the server, she has lied about everything. The State Department never authorized her use of the server and specifically stated that they “did not – and would not – approve her exclusive reliance on a personal email account to conduct Department business.” How many times did she say that it was authorized and that everyone had done it before? Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!

The Democrats have been relying on the fact that there was “no intent” for Hillary to hide anything, but that theory was shot down when a new undisclosed email surfaced in which she specifically stated that she needed this because she didn’t want anyone looking into her personal business and to avoid any FOIA requests. Hmm. I guess this whole thing was intentional. It goes on and on, but we all have known the truth since the beginning.

This is only one of the reasons that Donald Trump will most likely be the next president of the United States. You can see in the media that panic has now consumed the Democratic Party. They are scrambling to prop up a candidate that is stumbling and wheezing and can’t solidify the nomination even with a rigged system! Bernie Sanders continues to give her a run for her money and at 74 years of age shows a lot more stamina and enthusiasm for the job than she does. Here we are at the end of May, and she is still 70-plus delegates away from the win! Who would have thought that Trump would have sewn up the nomination before she did? Not me, that’s for sure.

Trump will win because he has passion, energy, and even with all of his faults and negative polling numbers, he is more likeable than Hillary. At least with Trump, people hopefully see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. His “Make America Great Again” slogan is going to continue to echo over and over again in the lead up to the election – and you can bet that “crooked Hillary” will resonate even more as the days go on.

She is a wounded and cornered candidate. Right now she is up against the ropes after being bludgeoned by the email scandal, the FBI criminal investigation and the yet to be revealed Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scandal. Bernie Sanders has pummeled her by continuing to win states and by pushing her further and further to the left when she knows that she can’t possibly win with that agenda. Yet, she has to appease his voters and try to win some of them over, or she has no hope of winning in November.

The stars seem to be aligned for Trump because every time he makes a point that causes controversy something in the world validates him. The socialist message coming from Bernie and echoed by Hillary had cold water thrown on it last week when the news reports coming out of Venezuela were headlining the news. The crumbling of that country and the pain and distress of its people are all due to socialist policies – the same socialist policies Clinton and Sanders are touting as the foundation of their platform! How well is that working out? Trump’s direction for the country is the complete opposite of what Clinton or Sanders wants, and the American people are realizing it.

When November rolls around, if Hillary is still in the race and skates by an FBI indictment, she will be so beat up and damaged that no one except her most rabid base will think that she is the best choice for this country. She will have been branded as “crooked Hillary”; she will still not have anything to run on except the woman card; and by then she will look and be exhausted.

The enthusiasm will be gone for the Democrats because, let’s face it, without Bernie this whole primary cycle would have been a snore on their side. Trump will continue on with making headlines and outrageous claims, but that will generate more and more votes for him. Clinton really has to depend on the African-American turnout, the Hispanic and women voters because she sure as heck doesn’t have the white working middle class in her corner. After Bernie is gone, apathy will set in because she has nothing to generate any excitement. Young people probably won’t turn out. African-Americans won’t have the enthusiasm they had for Obama, and unless she really pushes the amnesty/open borders deal “in her first 100 days,” the Hispanics might just shrug this one off. She has lost the young women, and no matter how hard she tries to paint Trump as a woman-hating misogynist, it won’t work.

Trump has the advantage because the enthusiasm and anger is on the Republican side, and it is not dissipating. Just from the primary results we can see that Trump has broken records when it comes to getting people out to vote. He has a strategy to concentrate on blue states that are winnable, and he just might pull it off by appealing to the blue-collar, union workers who are fed up with the status quo. What does Hillary have to offer them? More of the same? I don’t think they will buy it.

Hillary and Bill are old, stale and out of date. They are about as appetizing as yesterday’s mashed potatoes. Plus, they are dishonest as the day is long. At least Trump is entertaining and isn’t constantly trying to cover his tracks with unending scandals. It’s true he is unpredictable – and one thing is for sure: If he wins, it certainly won’t be boring.

I believe that when November rolls around, the people will look at their choices and decide whether to continue with the current agenda and keep going down the same path, which leads us over a cliff, or take a leap of faith and realize that they have nothing to lose by giving Trump a chance. Given the choice to pull the lever for Trump or Clinton, I think they will decide to go for the outsider.

Source: WND