January 20, 2022

After Ivanka ROCKS the RNC, here’s her line that’s driving liberals NUTS


Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, may have been the most anticipated speaker of this week’s convention. And she didn’t disappoint.

Americans across the political spectrum — from the most hardcore liberals to most faithful conservatives and everyone in between — were wowed by Ivanka’s sparkle and poise.

But, as you would expect, liberals are already doing everything they can to diminish Ivanka’s articulate words and heartfelt praise for her father, the GOP nominee for president.

And here’s the line that’s truly driving them insane.

Exactly the opposite of the person liberals are trying desperately to paint Trump as, spoken by someone who’s living proof of a man who gives great responsibility and respect to a strong, competent woman. And completely counter to the progressive agenda, in which color, gender, and sexual orientation trump competence, integrity, and all else.

Ivanka’s message of her father’s focus on ability, effort and excellence runs in stark contradiction to the left’s agenda of penalizing accomplishment and excellence in favor of reducing Americans to the lowest common denominator.

Yes, Trump’s message is directly counter to the progressive socialist agenda — and that is why they are so afraid of Donald Trump, desperate to tear him down. And he couldn’t have a better surrogate in his daughter Ivanka, which is why you can guarantee liberals, after recovering from their initial wow, will be coming out in full force to tear down her auspicious introduction to her father tonight.

Source: Allen West