August 14, 2022

DNC Attendee Waves Palestinian Flag On Convention Floor. Crowd Cheers. Welcome To The Scary, New Openly Anti-Israel Democratic Party.


Every four years, the Democratic National Convention attracts the most patriotic Americans in the country. Marxists. Anarchists. Feminists. Black Supremacists. Islamists. All lovely folks. This year, the DNC playground didn’t disappoint. Pro-Palestinian activists were out in force, displaying their Israel-hatred in an open forum and cheering alongside supposed liberals.

Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) reports:

Activists identifying themselves on twitter as being “Progressive for Palestine” raised a Palestinian flag in the middle of the convention floor, making it clearly visible to the overhead cameras, and held up signs reading: “I support Palestinian human rights.”

Expect scenes like this to become the norm at Democratic Party functions. Welcome to the new extremist donkey party championed by cult-leader non-Democratic, independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has pushed the party to the Left, particularly on wedge issues, like Israel-Palestine. The Democratic-Socialist used the last morsel of leverage he had left to force his adopted-party to adopt a staunchly anti-Israel platform. Under the banner of “progressivism,” Sanders’ appointments for the Democratic platform drafting committee, including vehement anti-Israel crusaders like James Zogby and and Cornel West, attempted to force the party to adopt the term “occupation” in reference to Israeli policy in Palestinian-populated areas. The move would have been unprecedented. Never before has a major American political partner even considered explicitly marginalizing its main ally in the Middle East with such egregious provocation.

Ultimately, the more-moderate Hillary Clinton-wing of the party won out, refusing to incorporate the Sanders-camp Israel-demonizing language into the Democratic platform. But still the damage was done. In fact, the party allowed major concessions to its Israel policy, making this year’s platform the most anti-Israel platform in Democratic Party history.

“The new language breaks with the party’s practice of framing its aim of establishing a Palestinian state solely in terms of Israel’s interests,” stated J Street founder Jeremy Ben-Ami. “By including parallel acknowledgment of Israeli and Palestinian rights, the party underscores its belief that the only viable resolution to the conflict — a two-state solution — requires recognizing the fates of the two peoples are intertwined.”

If J Street is praising the platform then those who love Israel  should be worried. The group has been at the forefront of anti-Israel advocacy in Congress, making a name for itself as the Left’s most effective Palestinian-friendly lobbying group.

As Sanders’ young supporters like to point out, this is only the beginning. Democrats are only going to become more openly hostile to Israel as they work to galvanize the expanding far-Left base.

Source: The Daily Wire