January 23, 2021

DNC: Dallas Killers Are Part Of Black Lives Matter


In a joint statement, the DNC and Congressional Black Caucus have connected the mass murder of police officers in Dallas to the broader Black Lives Matter movement.

Presenting the motivations of the perpetrators as anger towards anti-black “racial bias,” the statement describes the mass murder as “unacceptable.”

See the statement below.

The third paragraph implicates the killers as being aligned with the neo-Marxist racial narratives of Black Lives Matter (emphasis added):

“Democrats are also committed to rebuilding the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We are committed to reforming our criminal justice system and ending mass incarceration. We are committed to investing in officer training for de-escalation and the appropriate use of force. We encourage better police-community relations and the use of smart strategies that build trust  and confidence.  And we also encourage communities everywhere, especially in the wake of terrible tragedies like these, to remember that the vast majority of men and women who serve in law enforcement do so honorably, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us. And while most protesters have made their voices heard peacefully, tonight’s shooting of officers in Dallas is unacceptable and a reminder that the time to address these tensions and find common ground is long overdue.

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Source: The Daily Wire