September 25, 2021

Praying the ‘God Bless America’ Song

Praying the ‘God Bless America’ SongThere’s something special you can do on this Independence Day, the last one before the cabal backing Barack Obama’s third term through Hillary Clinton gets to change July 4th to ‘Global Citizen Independence Day’.

It starts by opening your windows and letting all negativity go flying out into the summer breeze making it truly gone with the wind.

Mark July 4, 2016 as the one when the heart-rending song, ‘God Bless America’ was turned into a fervent, year-round prayer.

Keep this prayer in your heart all the way from Independence Day 2016 to Independence Day 2017 and beyond.

Ask the Almighty to Bless America by driving its Democrat demons back to the real world where they have to work for a living and stop feeding gluttonously at the public trough.

Don’t buy into the ‘America is finished’ doomsayers.  Turn their never-ending whine around to “Let’s fight to the finish” and leave the rest to God.

America’s not finished and never will be just because a lifetime hedonist turned diabolic narcissist community organizer was sent in by the power brokers to to make it seem that way.

America is not finished because America is all the people Obama and Company have tried for almost eight years to finish off but never really could.  Not all of the rantings and ravings of the progressives’ gun-for-hire Barack Obama could drown out the “USA!” “USA”! chanting, freedom-loving Voice of The People.

 Obama and his overblown-through-greed handlers

Obama and his overblown-through-greed handlers want Americans to think Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and Billy Boy Ayers.  Instead they think George Washington, Paul Revere and Ronald Reagan.

No matter how determined you cannot kill off an ideal when there is nowhere to sink the knife,  just the same as you can’t be an Indian by merely pretending  to be one.

Patriotism and individuality—the very backbone of what makes America, America are the progressives’ biggest sworn enemies.

But even with all the support of their running dogs in the mainstream media, they can’t stomp out love of America

The wannabe Disney creators in today’s social media try to immortalize Obama as ‘The Messiah’, ‘The Omnipresent’ and ‘The One’.

In reality he’s the self-aggrandizing community organizer,  easily bought off by power brokers who would do anything to rid the world of the U.S.A.; a bought and paid for activist who made a fine art out of being on the take.

Obama’s hidden pipsqueak side

To see clearly into Obama’s hidden pipsqueak side, he bowed ground-low to their orders that Hillary Clinton would be next almost eight long years ago.  Obama’s stepping aside not of his own volition but because he’s been ordered to.

Where Obama ends up next depends largely on how much money they’re paying.

Obama’s colossal failure at trying to be King of the World was written in history during last week’s Brexit referendum when some 17 million voted to take their country back in spite of his back-of-the-queue threats.  But count on him imposing his kingship on the unwitting world by stationing himself as the next Secretary General of the thriving-on-taxpayer-money UN.

Even with his third term Crooked Hillary now walking a straight path to the White House, you can make this July 4th the stand-out one of them all.

‘God Bless America’ is the signature song of every Independence Day.  When this one ends, you can pray it all the way to November 8.

No matter what happens, we need God to Bless America, and if the prayers being sent up are strong enough, He will.

God Bless America and protect all souls from the breath-taking evil of the Obama-Clinton cabal.

Source: Canada Free Press