May 25, 2020

Shameful: Look who’s NOT invited to speak at the convention


This morning we awoke to learn a shooter had killed 2 teens and wounded 17 others at a Club Blu, a nightclub in Ft. Myers, Florida in the early hours of Monday morning. Very quickly, law enforcement assured everyone it was not an act of terrorism.

Of course, there’s that little story from earlier this month that ISIS graffiti was scrawled on the outside of a Ft. Myers church, but that’s nothing to worry about.

ABC News reports, The interim Fort Myers police chief says authorities have three persons of interest in custody and they are looking for others in the slayings of two teens at a nightclub.

A security guard at a nightclub where two teens were killed says she saw someone attack with a semi-automatic weapon, spraying bullets in the vicinity.

The club has had four or five teen parties over the past half-dozen years, and this was the second one this summer. Club owner Cheryl Filardi says the parties are something positive for a rough and often-violent neighborhood. She says the club always hires extra security for the parties and has never had a problem.

It appears most if not all of the victims of this shooting were black. Since this was not an act of terror (supposedly) and no other information has been released about the shooter (which surely the survivors had seen), one would not be out on a limb to assume the shooter was also black.

You can be certain we would already know if the shooter was white. Or wearing a uniform.

Sadly, the shooter took the lives of two young black men, 18-year-old Ste’fan Strawder and 14-year-old Sean Archilles. One can only imagine the anguish their families are enduring.


But you can be certain their mothers won’t be invited onstage tomorrow at the Democrat National Convention alongside Michael Brown’s mother during the “Mothers of the Movement” segment.

What sort of movement is that?

Here’s another question. Isn’t it interesting that almost immediately after German-Iranian David Ali Sonboly shot and killed nine people in Munich on Friday he was quickly described as a “mentally ill loner” who was “obsessed” with mass killings and may have been bullied in school. This despite the fact that he may have had an accomplice, an Afghan teen who potentially knew about his plans and helped him post the bogus Facebook post that lured people to their deaths.

But the German tabloid Bild says Sonboly and the Afghan youth knew each other as they were both treated at the psychiatric department of the same clinic.

And never mind the fact that a Muslim witness standing just 6 feet away heard Sonboly shout “allahu akhbar.”

But he was just crazy. Move along. Nothing to see here.

And those two young lives cut down in Ft. Myers? Nothing to see there either. They serve no purpose for the liberal agenda.

Source: Allen West