July 2, 2020


one-officer-dead-at-least-three-other-officers-shot-at-dallas-protest_1Point the finger at the Divider-in-Chief who from day one began to divide this nation with the unconditional help of the left wing support network that surrounds him, including the mainstream liberal media and academia.  They all have a lot of blood on their hands.

Americans have to realize that most violence is triggered by the fanatic, Marxist, anti-US left groups working behind the scenes.  They are gaining more territory in our government and institutions with each passing day.

Why?  Why are they doing it?  It’s one of the tools for the “fundamental transformation” to a simplistic world governance of every-day people supporting an elite class.

The divide and conquer technique works very well to pit us against each other while the elite slips into place.  We are becoming more and more divided economically, racially and many other ways, every day.

This network of groups incites such mindless violence as that seen in Dallas, Texas.

It is pathetic to hear pop music icons and other Hollywood types–who became millionaires thanks to America’s opportunities–supporting the violent racist movement “Black Lives Matter.”  The right to life applies to all Americans, regardless of race.

When blacks kill blacks and whites by the hundreds in places like Chicago, “Black Lives Matter” is silent.  That movement incites racism, hatred and violence.  It does nothing to help the blacks it supposedly exists to help.

It is time we all come to our senses and recognize this violence is coming from a network of groups.

Freedom is not free and we have to be alert and aware so we are not being manipulated to eventually disregard and eradicate “We The People” from our Constitution.

If we blindly fall for it, we will end up with a society under the control of the Progressive-Marxist-Fascist elite fully regulating our lives from birth to death.

Human rights and liberty will perish and America as we know it will cease to exist.  That’s what “Utopian” societies do best.

It’s not far from the society of the haves and have nots in the popular science fiction movies The Hunger Games.  There are lots of those movies these days, setting the stage for acceptance.

Millenniums, you will be shocked when you wake up and end up suffering the most.  Yours will be the first group to fall victim to the elite versus everyone else.

And no, there will no escape.

For a look at what invariably happens in Marxist-Progressive-Socialist-Communist regimes see this short video presentation.  100 million victims, and counting, should make you think twice when electing politicians.

Agustin Blazquez, producer/director of the documentary series COVERING CUBA and Art & Politics