August 16, 2022

Here’s EVERYTHING liberals want to HIDE about the Milwaukee victim


Yet again there are mass riots and protests following the shooting of a black man by police, but what exactly are they protesting this time?

Police brutality? The suspect killed, 23-year-old Sylville Smith, was armed with an illegal firearm that he was told to put down repeatedly. He refused. And just a bonus: in the theft where Smith took that firearm, 500 rounds of ammunition were stolen as well. How many lives would he have taken with those?

Police racism? The officer who shot and killed Smith was black himself – but even if he wasn’t, I think every officer is more concerned with survival than the race of the person pointing a gun at them.

Now, two days after his death, more information about Smith is coming out, and it destroys any hope that liberals had of assembling a narrative of an unjust police killing. For one, his criminal record is out:

And as it turns out, Smith’s family doesn’t exactly have the kindest thoughts towards police. A man claiming to be Smith’s brother went on TV to blame police for the riots, telling them that “this is what you get” (black owned businesses being burned to the ground?)

Smith’s cousin isn’t much better. On his Facebook page, he’s routinely called for the death of police, and is a potential gang member.

According to GotNews: Ja’Kari Rocaine, who went to school in Milwaukee before moving to Detroit, says his cousin was the man shot and killed. He refers to him as a “Blood,” and uses hashtags referencing the “Trill Vill Gang.” The dead man named “Syville/Savill Smith” is pictured with a rifle.

A reverse image search shows the picture exists nowhere else on the web, indicating it is original. Rocaine, presumably the dead criminal’s gangbanger brother, is calling for “cups” and “gallons” of blood from police officers.

smith 5

smith 6


And all the photos of Smith you can find online certainly don’t make it a stretch to think he was gang affiliated. Here’s just a compilation of those collected so far, courtesy of Red Flag News:smith


smith 2


As apparently seems to be routinely the case when it comes to police shootings, you can judge the character of the person killed by the reaction of the aggrieved. You’d have to be the kind of person that’s A-OK with burning your own community to the ground to see all the evidence in this shooting and somehow take Smith’s side.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo.

Source: Allen West