May 25, 2020

De Blasio Defends Sanctuary Cities After Illegal Immigrant Victims’ Families Join Trump Onstage


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio did not like what he heard during Donald Trump’s immigration speech Monday night. The liberal leader rejected the GOP nominee’s characterization of illegal immigrants.

“These are our fellow New Yorkers, we’re going to respect them, protect them, they’re part of our communities,” de Blasio said on the radio today, noting that roughly half a million city residents are undocumented. “We’re going to stop denying their existence or treating them like second-class citizens, and embrace them and work with them because they’re our neighbors. That’s the core concept.”

In particular, de Blasio disagreed with Trump’s plan to cut off funding from sanctuary cities that do not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in reporting illegal immigrants. In 2014, de Blasio signed a law that barred ICE from Rikers Island and prevented jails from complying with authorities when they knew they were housing illegal immigrants.

The families of victims killed by illegal immigrants joined Trump onstage Monday night after his speech, illustrating how the government’s policies have directly harmed Americans.

How insensitive that de Blasio would defend New York’s relaxed immigration policies after such a painful visual.

Source: Townhall