October 15, 2018

First Presidential Debate Short Analysis

trump-hillary-deleted-emails-575x313The long awaited debate on Monday September 26, 2016 finally came. Many Americans all across the nation had been looking forward to it. After careful analysis and review of the debate, while the elite political experts marveled at their own pompous reasoning based on form, not substance (as they have always done for decades), one simple contrast was never really brought to light … and to be frank never is.

Everything we heard from Hillary Clinton was nothing more than political marketing jargon, Communist talking points, gender and racial incitation. The reality though between both candidates undeniably comes down to the contrast between two philosophies. The free People are being offered two choices. One being Malthusian and Keynesian, i.e. de-development, de-industrialization and de-population (in other words Sustainability), the destruction of the free market system, the total seizure of humanity’s God-given rights where the State is ultimate and the people are slaves, and finally global government… This is what Hillary Clinton is offering. The other is national sovereignty, productivity, opportunity for wealth creation made available to all Americans, development, a private sector controlled free market system, limited government and the protection of unalienable rights… those things which made America great… This is what Donald Trump is defending.

It is the contrast between a Feudal system of totalitarian rule where there exists a ruling elite and an enslaved serfdom, contrasted with a system which protects the unalienable (God-given) rights of a free People from a tyrannical government.

Make no mistake! Hillary is not in charge. It’s her globalist puppet-masters who control her… including Islamic oligarchs. So do the American People want to surrender the little freedom they have left to a tyrannical oligarchy who will put them in hard bondage? Or, do the American People want to keep their freedom and return to the days of great liberty?

These are our options. Choose!