August 3, 2020



Donald Trump Must Become the Next President of the United States

Donald Trump has stated, “this Presidential election is about truth.” When one looks at the geo-political landscape, one sees the powerful elite of the World working together to monopolize all the Earth’s resources, food supply and land. These elite also control the monetary policies and currencies of the world and use this power to manipulate economies and nation states. They hold fast to a self-serving doctrine and embrace a dark anti-human ideology.

America, being the only country in the World with a Constitution and Bill of Rights founded on the “protection” of unalienable rights, not the granter of rights as other nations practice, has become an obstacle and a threat to these evil elite who wish to rule the world under a collectivist model (Communism) through a one world order. They have from the top down been implementing a de-development action plan for decades in order to further their one world agenda. This action plan has and continues to be redistributing wealth, thus destroying the wealth of individual Americans under the guise of social and economic justice. They have also been undermining American heritage and culture to the point where many don’t even recognize their Godly nation anymore. They have put in positions of government, and in the institutions of influence, people who work tirelessly to implement this agenda which includes the destruction of America. The political elite on both sides of the aisle, placed by them, pass laws for their global interests alone.

America was founded as a Christian nation by deeply Christian Founding Fathers. Because the United States Constitution is still the supreme law of the land, they are not able to “legally” tear the God-given rights away from American individuals. The Bill of Rights stands in their way and Christianity is still very strong in America. They seek a president who will subvert American’s unalienable rights, and their choice for president is not Donald Trump.

The elites work tirelessly through the media they own and control to convince Americans that their answer to a better future is Hillary Clinton, despite the clear evidence that she is the most corrupt politician in American history and a traitor to our nation.

Donald Trump understands full well how evil and anti-American this globalization effort is to our Republican form of government. He does not embrace the effort and is completely opposed to it as his speeches, language and pledges reflect. He is a true patriot. He will open the doors that have been closed to the interest of “Americans”. Donald Trump intends to return to the true Biblical justice upon which America was founded, in the light of Constitutional religious freedom. He intends to restore “development” by reversing de-development policies and the Keynesian economic model that has plagued America for decades. Donald Trump intends to restore the integrity of the Common Defense in order for Americans to protect themselves from foreign invasion from without, and subversion oppression and criminality from within. He intends to have anti-American policies repealed.

The outcome will be opportunity for Americans not only economically, but also for pro-American activity to truly bear fruit without the interference, oppression and criminality of anti-American policies… policies that have been passed and implemented into law – and unconstitutional regulation – by agentur’s of the elite in Government on both sides of the aisle!

Donald Trump is pro-life, pro-family, pro-American sovereignty, pro-religious liberty, pro-American jurisprudence, pro-economic prosperity, thus pro-American on all levels! He understands how destructive “free trade” agreements such as TPP, TTIP, TPA are to American economic interests. He also understands the evils of unrestrained immigration policy designed to destroy culture, economic conditions and national sovereignty, and he will do what previous so-called conservative candidates have pledged to do, but never have.

His opposing candidate, who is committed ideologically to Globalist and Marxian thought, will deliver our great nation to her global masters, and thus facilitate America’s demise and overthrow. In addition, she is no friend to the legal minority population in the United States nor the future of their posterity!

In stark contrast, Donald Trump leads a movement of “We the People” who demand the restoration of the liberties upon which our Republic was founded. He has awakened our nation and legitimized the People, and in doing so, has inspired millions of Americans. Americans need Donald Trump to open doors that have been closed by previous administrations for the American People to recapture their country. He needs the American People to support his top down efforts to let “Americans” back into the power centers of our nation. Donald Trump is an answered prayer, and God’s grace for America.

In light of this truth, Bear Witness Central is proud to formally endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America.


Bear Witness Central Board of Directors