May 28, 2020

Crowder Video: Top 10 Democrat-Crushing WikiLeaks Facts You Should Know


Conservative commentator and lovable prankster Steven Crowder, just released an informative video (below) unpacking a top ten list of things the Dems hope the voting public won’t Google search about — because God knows the mainstream media isn’t going to report on it.

Crowder’s list below:

Hillary wants open borders.
The Iran deal was awful and even Democrats know it.
Bernie Sanders was bribed into supporting Hillary. But he did it for the people! Aaand his lakefront vacation home.
The DNC created fake, sexist ads under the alias of Trump organizations.
Hillary believed Obama committed voter fraud.
Clinton staffers wished the San Bernardino shooter was white.
The Clinton campaign is HUGE on media collusion.
Speaking of media collusion, Ezra Klein is big on helping to make that happen.
Hillary knowingly, criminally deleted her emails.
Obama and Hillary communicated via private email, and it was kept hidden.

Crowder notes that, “While some of these may not be too surprising, the public wouldn’t know about a lot of them were it not for WikiLeaks. It brings a certain level of transparency, which is important, because the only thing transparent about Hillary is her lifeless ‘skin.’”

To see where Crowder really shines, click below as he and his trusty sidekick NotGayJared go undercover to crash a college socialist #SJW protest:

And yes, they actually wore these shirts to the protest:

And yes, they actually wore these shirts to the protest:

 Source: The Daily Wire