January 20, 2020

Frank Luntz Focus Group: ‘Kaine Is Interrupting Too Much’

FARMVILLE, Va. (CBSNewYork) — A focus group being conducted by CBS News contributor Frank Luntz believes Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is interrupting Republican nominee Mike Pence too much during the debate.

“Kaine is interrupting too much,” Luntz tweeted. “The focus group wants the moderator to lay down the law and shut him up until it’s his turn.”

The debate is being moderated by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano.

Luntz said Pence is “winning” the debate because Kaine is interrupting constantly.

“Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” Luntz tweeted.

There are 26 people taking part in the focus group during the vice presidential debate being held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

This is the only vice presidential debate of the election season.