April 18, 2019

Rescue America: by leaving the Obamas, the Clintons & the fictionally-aggrieved in the gutter

Rescue America: by leaving the Obamas, the Clintons & the fictionally-aggrieved in the gutterFrom the front lines of the hard fought patriot battleground comes the REAL NEWS of our time, It’s the news that takes We the People over the top called: Out-voting the frauds.

Let history record that It’s a message that found light in the trenches even as frantic Dems played in the gutter digging up manufactured scandals against Donald J. Trump, destined to boomerang back as soon as they hit sunlight, moth-bitten, 30-year old ones that match the dead leaving graves as live Hillary Clinton voters.

We the People outnumber the flunkies of the regressive ‘progressives, and outnumber them by far.

Hillary remains in hiding

There’s only one Tom Hanks, and one Robert De Niro, but millions of Sams, the Post Man and millions of Jakes the Barber, none of them needing a movie screen to get on with their lives.

Hillary remains in hiding, leaving Bill and other family members, Barack and Michelle to do her dirty work until after election.

But it’s a game of bluff with the outgoing Obamas carrying most of the bravado.

Egging on millions of voters who care far more for ‘free stuff’ than who leads the county is a mission that requires a lot more than bravado. Will Obama free phones be waiting for them at the voting booths?

Hillary and the Obamas go back a long way. Remember when the media was churning out stories that they secretly hated each other? Pure street theatre masquerading as The News.

After she could see that the pictures of Obama dressed in Muslim garb her campaign team sent out were not going to win her the 2008 Democrat primaries, Hillary Clinton put the Dem machine in Obama’s camp.

Global elite, Hollywood stars and the Dems’ running dog mainstream media are trying to ‘grant’ treacherous Hillary the 45th

Now she’s back calling for her 8-year-old markers with the Obamas now her loudest shills.

The man who promised to Fundamentally Transform America won in 2008, but was granted a second term in 2012, by virtue of wishy-washy opponent Mitt Romney and myriad other turncoats in an already backstabbing Republican Party.

This time out, the global elite, Hollywood stars and the Dems’ running dog mainstream media are trying to ‘grant’ treacherous Hillary the 45th.

But the outcome of Election 2016 is not in the hands of the grant awarders, but firmly in the hands of We the People.

If you listen closely over the squeals of the Trump touched-“inappropriately’ accusers, you can hear the sound of America’s drums and fifes starting up.

Over the last eight dismal Obama years, there have only been two high-point one was BREXIT when the British people were able to get out from under the yoke of the non-working bureaucracy masquerading as the European Union. The other happened on American soil in 2009 when a ragtag marching band of drums and fifes called into action over the Internet were sent out on the march some two hours before they had been scheduled to begin.

Separated from the throngs who didn’t expect to see them for another one and a half hours, not knowing if anyone knew or even cared, they marched into American history as they had intended. The video of the motley crew led by William Temple and Gene Hoyas still brings tears to the eyes of anyone who sees it, some seven years later.

The Great March on Washington, D.C.—They came to Defend Freedom

The hour is late, but take heart, America

The hour is late, but take heart, America.

The outcome of Election 2016 is up to you. Buff up your imaginary medals and Be A Marine.

Pump up the sound of the drums and fifes.

Leave Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, and the non-stop fictionally aggrieved in the gutter where they belong.

Take back the country that untold thousands died to put into your hands.

Forget political rhetoric, the propaganda of television networks and negative despair. Only its people can save America—and you are its people.

Restore a beloved and noble America to where she rightfully belongs: as the only world leader capable of saving a fast declining west.

Make like a righteous soldier of the Almighty come to drive the barbarians away from the gate.

Utter a firm “OOH RAH!” after you mark your ballot for Donald Trump, America’s only chance for the return of liberty and freedom.