May 26, 2020

Barack Obama’s Role in Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

obama-troubledThe result of the 2016 elections took the country by surprise. The victory of Donald Trump defied the predictions of many, especially those of Democrats. According to the latest counts, Trump was able to obtain 306 electoral votes. Under the leadership of the New York businessman, Republicans will control the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the governorships in 33 States.

The question that many are asking is why did Hillary lose. The National Review recently published an article titled “Hillary Clinton lost because she is Hillary Clinton”. It’s true; the corruption of the Clintons has no parallels in the country’s political history. Hillary cannot blame anyone but herself for the loss. But there is more to the story, one crucial factor in the outcome of the election was President Obama.

Barack Obama is as responsible as Hillary Clinton for the political defeats of the Democratic Party. The President had eight years to do a lot for this country; however, his goals were to transform the nation according to his socialist, pro-Muslim and liberal ideology.

For Obama, the economy and national security were not his priorities. The Islamic State, the worst terrorist organization the world has seen, emerged and grew under Obama’s watch. During his 2 terms, Obama ignored and minimized the atrocities of the terrorist group and the extermination of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East. The President refused to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” and freed dozens of terrorists from the Guantanamo military base.

In economic terms, the GDP never reached 3%, and the national deficit reached 20 trillion dollars. The economic crisis caused more than 90 million Americans to remain out of the labor force. Sadly, the President was more interested in imposing a liberal model that does not fit the history of this country or the beliefs of most Americans. For Obama, abortion, the implementation of single sex bathrooms and same sex marriage deserved the most attention.

cuba-us-obama-castro_1458592599090985-600x360Furthermore, Barack Obama opened his arms to tyrants who hate the United States. The President reestablished relationships with Cuban dictators and handed over nuclear power to Iran (Meanwhile ignoring human rights violations and lack of freedoms/democracy in these countries)

During the Presidency of Barack Obama, religious freedom was under siege, racism was exacerbated and attacks on police increased. The President’s posture and remarks worsened these problems.

In his second term, Obama decided to soften immigration laws, neglect the nation’s borders and ignored the immigration crisis. In fact, the President never denounced the crimes committed by illegal immigrants. At the same time, undocumented people were relocated to different cities around the country on buses and planes.

Obama, on more than one occasion, let thousands of criminals free. The President even defended illegal immigrants right to vote shortly before the elections. Under these circumstances, it was not a surprise that the country’s border patrol supported the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Additionally, the President imposed Obamacare on the American people. In the process, millions of patients lost their physicians and their health insurances. Subsequently, many insurance companies abandoned Obamacare and the premium increased to outrageous levels. Despite the failure of Obamacare, the administration did nothing to fix the problems.

During the presidential race, Hillary Clinton defended Barack Obama and he in turn campaigned for Hillary. Despite the scandals involving Clinton, Barack Obama said (at the Democratic National Convention) that no other person is “more qualified” to assume the Presidency than Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton needed each other. Before the elections, the President said: “if we don’t win, all the ‘progress’ we have made the last 8 years will go out through the window”. On the other side, Hillary continuously supported the policies of the administration, both domestically and abroad.


At the end, the disaster of the Obama administration influenced the election’s outcome. For many Americans, Hillary Clinton’s presidency would not only be an extension of the Obama administration, but also a cover-up of the corruption and scandals of the last 8 years.

The 2016 election was a rejection of the Obama-Clinton administration. The Democrats lost all branches of government and the majority of governorships in the country. Barack Obama not only destroyed the Democratic Party, but also the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female President of the United States.


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton caused each other more harm than good. The corruption of Hillary discredited the Obama administration, and the President’s policies destroyed Hillary Clinton’s political dream.

For the voters, Hillary Clinton was part of the rigged system that Donald Trump denounced during his campaign. I agree with the National Review, Hillary Clinton lost the election because she is Hillary Clinton… and Barack Obama destroyed the Democratic Party because he is Barack Obama.